How Many Reps Should You Do To Build Muscle?

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25 thoughts on “How Many Reps Should You Do To Build Muscle?”

  1. A dumbbell row is NOT an isolation movement.. It works your back and
    biceps… Compound lift. 

  2. 3-5 for deads squats ohp and bench, other compounds like pullups, dips,
    bent over row etc etc.. 6-10, and i do 12+ for isolation such as tricep
    extension, curls, etc

  3. Hi Lee. Why is that isolated bicep variation any different from a
    ‘compound’ bicep curl? 

  4. heavy like deadlift squat etc would u increase weight ??or 5 reps each set
    same weight???

  5. Always do 10 to 12 reps on everything! My bench is going up but mayb il
    start repping it at 100kg 8 times for afew weeks instead of the usual 12
    reps of 70 and see if i get any results

  6. Lee you should do a video on coming back from a severe illness or injury.
    Haven’t really seen any videos like this and with your length in
    bodybuilding you should have one time or another had to have come back from
    being sick or injured. Thanks

  7. I do 4×6 reps for everything so 24 reps in total am i training for size or
    strength? I always find it so complicating

  8. Imagine getting rid of weight fast? Well Wretch Weight Workings did exactly
    that for me. Give it a go, just search Google Wretch Weight Workings.

  9. I’m an old guy now but back in the day next to no one knew anything about
    bodybuilding, no internet, no magazines; just some older men in the gym.
    The rule back then was low and heavy for strength, moderate and 10 to 12
    reps for mass and light and high for cutting. It worked as it has for
    thousands of years. Now everyone wants to make money with “scientific”

  10. muscles have genetic speed of growth which is at maximum 1kg per month, in
    some cases 1.5kg per month. How an you gain 6kg of lean muscle in 3 weeks?
    This is just impossible. Please, correct me if i am wrong

  11. Under no circumstance, unless your extremely genetically gifted, can anyone
    build 12 lbs of pure muscle NATURALLY in just 21 days, it’d take at least
    6-8 months. So please stop with the easy muscle advertising bullshit.

  12. lee i do a 4 day upper lower split and when i do bench i do 3×8, when i do
    overhead pres i do 3×8, squat and dead lift i do 3×8 as well as barbell row
    on those lifts. is that good if i just want focus on building muscle? i
    leave everything else at 8-12 reps. 

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