How many miles do I have to run per week to train for a 5k?

How many miles do I have to run per week to train for a 5k?

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16 thoughts on “How many miles do I have to run per week to train for a 5k?”

  1. this is stupid, I did a 5k run for my daughter the other day and haven’t
    ran in years I got first place at 19 minutes 23 sec, im sure on a pro lvl
    tho its like 12-14 minutes, anyways I say that to say this. just get up and
    run, good grief its only 3 miles.

  2. Somethinginnabag

    Great i am 11 and my school is doing a 5k run i have to run from my school
    to the middle school

  3. @ODST625 Thanks for your comment. Yes, for some, they are easy. Many
    others, out of high school would still like a 5k training plan to follow
    … and yes, marathons certainly take a good bit of training and a great
    plan to follow.

  4. @ODST625 Awesome!! 18:45. Congrats!! Keep up the great work and best of
    luck in your continued training for other races or for next c.c. season …
    and you don’t have any need to apologize. Your comment wasn’t taken in a
    bad way & hopefully ours wasn’t either. To answer your question on who the
    plan is for, at this point, the 5k advice here on YouTube is for all &
    we’ve broken out plans on our website into in 4 levels. Again, all the best
    to you!

  5. @Fluffman4 Thanks! I ran a pr of 11:29 for a 1.6 mile run for cross country
    today, so I’m training for the 10k and doing xc so it is hard to get some
    long runs in but I have gotten up to 6.5 and this weekend I plan to do 7.
    Thanks for the tip.

  6. hi. i was wandering if i should start the run really fast out of the gate
    or pace myself for the second part?

  7. It’s not really that much different from 5k training, just make sure you do
    some longer runs. If you can manage 8 miles for a long run, you’ll probably
    be good. It’s largely like running a 5k, just a little bit slower with a
    bigger section in the middle. Source: Runner for 7 years with 10k PR of

  8. Right. Fluffman4’s reply was good. Build up to it. Add more mileage over
    time. You can mix in different variables … add additional days per week,
    number of miles, etc. Still may want to include some speed workouts too.
    Following our 5k guide would help – just slow down the speeds and increase
    the distance. Don’t to too much too quickly. Also, feel free to contact
    through our website for faster reply. Best of luck!

  9. i’m 12 and i run cross country, indoor, outdoor, and summer track. i have
    done 3 5ks and am registered for a 10K in november. can i have some tips on
    how to build up to that? thanks

  10. puteri kenanga abdul malek

    hello i have 3 weeks to train for 1500m run. any tips for me to build on
    endurance and speed? tq

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