How Long Should Your Workouts Be To Build Muscle And Burn Fat Fast? (Big Brandon Carter)

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25 thoughts on “How Long Should Your Workouts Be To Build Muscle And Burn Fat Fast? (Big Brandon Carter)”

  1. Ripped Buddha

    I make gains going almost 2 hours every workout. What I would like to know
    about the study is. How long did they test people? Because maybe after a
    few weeks your body adapts and goes back to its normal hormonal
    homeostasis.. I mean after all.. your body is a genius at maintaining
    homeostasis that’s what it does.

  2. Benjamin Uselman

    i feel ya for sure. i been in the same boat but way smaller. what u think
    bout not bein on creatine

  3. Jeremy Leconte

    90 minutes rule is bullshit, i work as a mover and going to the gym after,
    my back is fucking huuge now….and my bf% is around 10….always been
    nothing changed

  4. Santosh Khatiwada

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    advantage of it. Go google Skinnimaker System to unlock your full weight
    loss potential.

  5. VenomInMahEyes

    Do you make these deadly mistakes in your workout regimen? Copy and paste
    into Google Ready Set Ripped to find out.

  6. Christian Rivera

    Brandon i was wondering how much time does it take for a muscle to recover ?

  7. Lol i wish i lived there to train, im now in Jersey but its cool. I go
    about 1-2 of lifting and or bodyweight training

  8. you should be getting that YouTube money brother. Yours is one of the best
    fitness channels on here. And you have the best physic pause, but real talk.

  9. Brandon, Dude! you are like the muscular version of Bert from Sesame street

  10. CT Fletcher says train till failure and there’s no such thing as
    overtraining? I used to train 2-3 hours when I was 16 lol and I was never
    tired, now I train 1 hour and I be slightly tired. What’s your take on CT
    Fletcher’s training style?

  11. Hey Brandon, whenever you have time, can you make a video about how to
    build a good chest for people that have gynecomastia?? Thx in advance!!!

  12. I trying out some shakes to help me with my stamina and give me energy, is
    herbalife a good shake?

  13. Caught my wife watching your channel….problem was I was not there… I
    felt like she was cheating on me.. f u… Brandon …f u and ur great body

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