How Lifting Light Weights Can Build Muscle

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50 thoughts on “How Lifting Light Weights Can Build Muscle”

  1. How does this guy have so many followers, his knowledge is so basic and
    really about himself and what works for him and a lot is also common sense,
    also a lot of “broscience” and just simple boring explanations that are not
    necessarily true, all of his videos that I’ve watched are like this and he
    also contradicts himself often. 

  2. Any tip that how can I get my chest shape. I will do 100pound chest bench
    but my chest does not have the shape. 

  3. Can someone please help me right quick? So I currently live in Honduras,
    not really able to buy more weights, i only have a curling bar and 30 lbs
    on it, if I curl it to the max and gradually keep curling it more and more
    times, will I eventually get stronger? Will it tone the muscles that it
    works out or will it just pump the muscles up and go back down. I feel like
    thats all that is happening. Much helped wanted with my limited equipment.

  4. i have a drinking game for you guys, take a shot every time he flexes his
    chest and youll be absolutely shitfaced after 1-2 videos

  5. TheAwesomeJassim

    Mike you got any suggestion on how to tighten up loose skin around the
    lower part of the stomach? 

  6. This is why we do pyramid sets and drop sets, best of both worlds. Mike
    Rashid is the man to follow I reckon. 

  7. ok i had to have open heart surgery to close a hole in my heart i was a
    power lifter before all of dis iam at 309 at 5/8 i was doing alot of
    walking but it hard but i can lift light weight to help me or a meal plain
    help me i want to get down to 240 give or take what can i do want that lean
    muscle sick of being the big guy 

  8. Lifting heavy increases neurological strength while light increases cell
    size. There’s tons of weight lifters that begin to get big then lift heavy,
    they tell you to lift heavy, because they don’t want you to gain size. He
    could’ve been bigger than he usually is if he continued to lift light, and
    honestly with strength more is better. In my opinion get big first, then
    get strong because you could lift 20 pounds heavier within a month or less.
    Don’t compete with anyone, compete with you you were yesterday. Btw think
    about it, people lift heavy because mike and other youtubers say so, the
    viewers don’t see muscular results so they try to watch every video giving
    them more views and more money. Why? He’s big. So everything he says, is
    automatically correct. Search Kai Greene – I’ll never be a weight lifter (I
    believe it is kai) dudes get swole without lifting heavy.

  9. It s caled bodybuilding for a reason not fucking powerlifting, i m bigger
    than most of the guys at my gym who lift way heavier than me

  10. This is very true. In fact I just finished a lightweight workout so I could
    understand exactly what he was trying to explain.

  11. Hey bitch I agree with mike because he knows more knowledge than u about
    weights so I suggest u to shut the fuck up. 

  12. Any suggestions on how to remove man boobs? I’m not fat, but man boobs are
    pretty much the only fat on my body.

  13. do we need the lift weigh everyday or we must give it sometime to recover a
    bit for another session of weight

  14. mike it makes sense what you said about heavy and light weight training
    , its working for me im see progress 

  15. are you talking about the same day? lightweight on day a and heavy weight
    on day b or both at same day?

  16. i wish you were able to have hour long videos because i dont like have to
    stop watching them after the alloted time because there really good

  17. Don’t listen to this bullshit! Here’s why: If you look at the before after
    pictures ( 1:51 ) you can clearly see that he has become much more sexy (no
    homo). But what most beginners don’t realize is that he has ALOT of muscles
    before he even “started”. Just look at it, you can actually see that his
    bicep is realy large in the before picture aswell. Chest muscles are also
    there but often mistaken as fat. The only thing he did was lose belly fat,
    so don’t believe that you’ll go from a 2 to 10.

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