How do I prepare a protein shake- Response- idolopinions

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25 thoughts on “How do I prepare a protein shake- Response- idolopinions”

  1. scott is is ok to take 50 protein grams after my workout..some people say
    it is a waste and i couldn’t find any good resource to clear up that
    matter..i workout 5 days a week.and my goal is to gain lean muscle.

  2. Φώτης Βασιάνας

    Live your life as you want !
    Let nobody judge you and train to be the best,because nobody trains to be
    second 😉

  3. thesharkman9007

    why does everyone uses protein supplements…am I gonna be the only guy
    with a great body who doesn’t use supplements?

  4. @Da Meister you sir, are retarded. Send me the link to where you got this
    info.. Addiction to whey protein? Stroke? If anything your thinking of
    creatine which has a lot of BS Myths surrounding it also

  5. u know what i really hate….. when people say use half a cup of “this”….
    please tell how many ml

  6. Is it really that inmportant to use a blender.Can I not just mix crushed
    ice with milk and the powder.

  7. KingProductionsRK

    This made me laugh, just hilarious, especially when you were drinking it. I
    wanted you to say “damn that was hard” at the end.

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    your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly. Listen my senior in gym
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