(HOT Z Team) “Good Morning” Mandisa Christian Dance Fitness

(HOT Z Team)

www.refitrev.com www.facebook.com/refitrev refitrev@gmail.com There is no way you can be in a bad mood with this song! Great as a second song or low-interval. Choreography by Angela Beeler. Check out our new YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/refitrev www.refitrev.com

We collaborated with Indie-Recording Artist, Shuree, to combine our choreography to her amazing song! Check out “One Girl” by Shuree on itunes! Such positive message…it just takes one to change the world!
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49 thoughts on “(HOT Z Team) “Good Morning” Mandisa Christian Dance Fitness”

  1. Kathleen Boertmann

    You gals are absolutely fantastic. I’m trying to get my granddaughter, Krista, turned on to Jesus. I heard this song a few days ago and happened to pull up your video. Makes the song even better watching you girls. Anyway, I sent it to her and she should have it when she wakes up in a few more hours. Keep doing what your doing and God bless..A happy Grandma.<3

  2. Las acabo de descubrir y son lo máximo…….me dan ganas de bailar a diario…thanks!!

  3. I know her. I remember her from a highschool visit. She went to a noble school in Illinois.

  4. Is it just me or all the white women have the same hair style, black women have the same hair style (or weave), Asians have the same anime hair, and then the Hispanics have everything else… Jsjs

  5. we have four playlists already on our channel that are 45 minutes in length. You can use those if you wish!

  6. I love love Shuree…my girls and I really love this song too! It’s so inspiring! I hope it’s ok that I used some of your steps in my dance group in school. 🙂 More power and God bless! 🙂

  7. Yea i made a dance to that song to but really bad plz come with tobymac me with u dance plz

  8. GO, GIRLS GO!! I would LOVE to be there dancing with ya!! that would be ssssooooo awesome!!

  9. NinjaWafles69

    I love your guys choreography 😀 Do you guys have some kind of dance team?
    You guys have amazing movments and songs. you guys like flow with your songs i love it 🙂
    one girl is an amazing song and all of your other dances are amazing also 🙂

  10. CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE DO DANCES TO THESE SONGS: Me without you- Toby mac, Calculate- everyday sunday, Do everything- Steven Curtis Chapman, This is the stuff- Francesca Battistelli, and Only a mountain- Jason Castro! Hope you ladies can come up with something! <3 God bless!

  11. I want to do all these videos more as part of my workout. I only get 4g’s a month so I am running up my internet bill. Any chance you could burn a DVD of them for me? I’d be happy to pay!

  12. animeangelkitty

    I love this! Would you all be doing TobyMac’s Me without You anytime soon? I’ve been trying to come up with a routine myself but it’s terrible

  13. that is an amazing song!!!!! especially with all the bullying going around now… i’ve never heard it before until now. I love to watch your videos.. it motivates me with my cheer class to work with girls ages 4-14. So THANK YOU for keeping it so fun and easy to follow!!

  14. Gigie Fletcher

    I love this,hope you don’t mind me using this I am teaching in my church.Thanks

  15. I so love this I do dance fitness all the time and worship I want to get a ministry going at our church thanks so much ladies so gooooodddd!!!!!

  16. hispuregarden

    LOVE this! Thanks for waking us up with the kind of HOPE that can only come from one place…

  17. oh I looooove this , I’m eagerly wanna learn it , could you please make it step by step moves ^.^
    Keep it up gurls!!!!

  18. NinjaWafles69

    I love your guys choreography 😀 Do you guys have some kind of dance team?
    You guys have amazing movments and songs. you guys like flow with your songs i love it 🙂
    one girl is an amazing song and all of your other dances are amazing also 🙂

  19. great job! uh, i have two left feet! that looks like good exercise…um i really need to go to costco now. 🙂

  20. kyoyasgirl9753

    I love all your guys dances. One of my friends were wondering if she could do a cover and the dance for this song? She’s too shy to do it

  21. Hello! I wanted to tell you that I am so excited to fin a Christan inspired fitness dance group. I myself have been trying to create dance routines with Christian music. I am not a Zumba instructor, but I am studying exercise science and one of the things I would love to do is aerobics. I wanted to see if I could get some advice from you and hear about what God has been doing through your dancing.


  22. You three are AMAZING! I just LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! I so wish you’d come to OHIO so we can get a bunch of us girls here to dance with ya….:)

  23. I’m doing this tonight in my Zumba class! I hope it inspires these amazing women as much as it’s inspiring me! Thanks for being girls that change the world! 🙂

  24. CrystalPrime23

    I saw a Zumba fitness place in Chillicothe shortly before I moved from there. If you do a web search,I’m sure you would be able a location you might be able to go to.

  25. I love this song!!!! I am a new zumba instructor… trying to find my own nitch! I love that you have songs that are fun great cardio that NO ONE else in the gym is doing! I am already doing Chocolate, adding “Good Morning” (lol… because my husband keeps hearing it on the radio and insisting I add it !! so I learned it! )
    and maybe this one on Monday!!! Thank you for inspiring me so much to Bring honor to God
    in my zumba class!!!

  26. TheVanessa220

    I am so doing this in the morning, I was just looming through the fitness videos and this is great and I love the music and the fact that you are constantly moving. Ready to move this old bag of bones.

  27. My 2 and 4 year old girls love to dance with you- they regularly ask to watch the “dancing girls”. I’ve started to dance along and it’s fun. Thanks for using good songs for your work-outs. God bless!

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