Hot Yoga vs Bikram, for weight loss, pros / cons, what to expect

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25 thoughts on “Hot Yoga vs Bikram, for weight loss, pros / cons, what to expect”

  1. You are a very bubbly and cute girl, with a nice personality. Thanks so
    much for posting this video!

  2. thank you so much for introducing this kind of things, i might try it if i
    ever found hot it in uk….

  3. Carmelita Ginting

    Thanks for the video. Do you know if it’s okay to wear soft lenses when
    doing the hot/bikram yoga? Cuz glasses would be too slippery to wear =D

  4. The info on your video is riddled with incorrect info
    U 68 and have been to over. 8 different studios around the country and in
    England and Canada
    They only don’t want you to have water during the first few poses and
    there’s no issue about having water in any of the studios after that
    There is no studio in which I was in which you were not permitted to leave
    the room if you need to
    It is true that the yogurt is exactly identical in all of the studios. This
    assures you will be done exactly right

  5. Genesis Daleraos

    wow! thanks for this video 🙂 i’ve been interested in hot yoga or anything
    of the sorts for awhile but never really knew exactly what to expect, what
    to wear and everything. i’ll be moving to austin,tx (hopefully) during the
    summer. it’s really something i want to tackle and try out. i’ve been
    working out and shedding that unwanted weight by doing zumba and work outs
    but like you my calves get really thick. so leaning it out would be
    wonders! 😀 i really look forward to trying it out 🙂

  6. Post a photos of a beautiful women on you video is low. In fact it reminds
    me of something a advertising company would do.That being said If you post
    a picture of someone talking no one would visit your page. SO ask your self
    am I misrepresenting myself so people will listen to me talk? Be the
    authentic you that you have always wanted to be.

  7. Wow.. I feel like hot yoga will be a lot cheaper in Singapore.. Just enter
    a enclosed room and turn off all air con.. That would be 100 degree
    already.. Haha. The weather here is so hot here and I am super snappy when
    I sweat..

  8. Christine Mach

    I did bikram for a while also and i have the same problem.. chipped polish!
    Lol, but I too hated the first class and never wanted to go back. However,
    after my second class, I bought a membership! Ever since then, I feel
    better and better after each class. 🙂

  9. rajesh bharati

    If you want to burn fat fast, you should Google search for “Amos Fat Loss”.
    You are bound to end up getting the beach body you should have.

  10. Yep. In the list of classes offered at the gym, one of them says “hot
    yoga”. (: There’s a huge variety of classes. It is pretty cool!

  11. Alžběta Pavlicová

    you are the sweetest thing ever 🙂 and i’m going to the bikram yoga
    tomorrow for the first time, hope i will like it 🙂

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