Hot Yoga Teachers Promote Nonsense: Yoga Breathing, O2, CO2

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26 thoughts on “Hot Yoga Teachers Promote Nonsense: Yoga Breathing, O2, CO2”

  1. Hot/ Bikram yoga uses the same asanas as any other style, only does them in
    a warm room. “Deep breathing” during Birkam yoga occurs only during the
    very beginning warm up series. During all other asanas either regular,
    steady breathing is advised or 80/20 breathing. “My yoga is better”, “Your
    yoga sucks!” What is this, martial arts? Denigrating another style seems
    not very… yoga-ish. Practice what works for you and allow others to do
    the same. Probably better for your karma.

  2. Oh he’s a Dr. but also a personal trainer who hates Bikram Yoga? He looks
    like he smokes 2 packs a day and hasn’t eaten a vegetable in 10 years and
    wants to give me advice not to do hot yoga because those teachers and
    students look like they are 10 years younger, have great colour and
    beautiful skin. No thx, I’ll just stick to the hot yoga.

  3. Thanks. This probably too large number since I got many responses, from
    India too, from yoga teachers, and some agree that this factor (deep
    breathing myth) is the key problem that reduced the amazing power of
    traditional yoga to nearly zero.

  4. Artour, Are you sure that hot yoga is better than doing cold yoga? I’ve
    spoken to a few doctors who think that the hot yoga drains your body of
    many vital minerals and releases cortisol which produces adrenalin which
    surely would increase your breathing. What are your thoughts on this? I’m
    doing yoga every day (with butyeko breathing of course) do you think cold
    or hot yoga would be better? Also wouldn’t Bikram raise your bodies core

  5. looking at how unhealthy and pale Mr Rakhminov looks I have decided not to
    take health advice from him. I look at a Bikram teacher and say “yah I want
    to look healthy like that person” All the rest is just lip service and
    lies. I don’t trust big pharma either, I trust my own best judgement. This
    guy is a quack from Kazakhstan

  6. Hot yoga promotes perspiration (sweating). Buteyko emphasized importance of
    heavy daily sweating. I completely agree with this. It is nearly the ideal
    method to eliminate toxins via skin. I believe modern hot yoga is the most
    effective type of yoga simply due to perspiration. At rest, overheating
    promotes overbreathing.

  7. @jeffydoo1 I do bikram to help relieve anxiety not to lose weight. I am
    happy with my weight but birkam really lets me focus by repetition and not
    worrying about how I look or taking time to be confused about the postures
    because I already know whats coming.

  8. Funny 🙂 ive never felt a pull to defend a form of excercize before. It’s
    just done so much for me, I wish everyone with interest for would try it at
    least twice (the first day is exhausting!)

  9. Ready for the type of liberation mentioned in the Sutras? Read the Sutras?
    Most people probably wouldn’t even want or understand that type of
    liberation. “Moksha”, for example is ultimate liberation in Sanskrit but
    the type of “yoga” it exemplifies is more “gym” than yoga. Yoga is
    scientific, creating physical and spiritual economies. Bikram is indeed the
    McDonalds of yoga because it is the best for covering all the bases, not
    because it is the best for all: A compassionate pragmatism.

  10. This is exactly what I was going to say, as far as clarifying how the
    breathing should be taught in Bikram yoga. “Special” breathing exercises
    designed to expand the lungs and strengthen supporting muscles are done
    only at at the very beginning and very end of class, about 5 minutes total
    out of 90 minutes. The rest of the class students are repeatedly instructed
    to “breathe normally”. BTW, I am a Bikram instructor and a registered

  11. Bikram yoga took away wrist pain from typing, headaches, anxiety, leg
    cramps, and lower back pain. Also tones me up like no other. Regular yoga
    didnt do it for me…but thats just me. Not “against” other kinds. I dont
    care about the scientific correctness, everything can be argued. It works
    for me, and the “how” is kind of irrelevant when im getting the benefits
    and feel great 🙂

  12. immaaufdiefresserauf

    do tai-chi and qi-gong (slow full breathing + slow movements) have the same
    benefits as the slow-breathing yoga?

  13. I feel the Doctor does a remarkable job of collating a variety of quotes,
    but misses the point, perhaps due to language nuances. The pranayama
    breathing exercise develops the ability to breathe deeply, yes, which
    improves lung elasticity and function, but more importantly it teaches the
    practitioner to breathe slowly. And slow breathing is the key to health and
    longevity, as I think the doctor would agree.

  14. I’m so tired of all the haters. The asanas are the same we just add the
    heat to gently get deepeer into the poses. I’ve never felt such a strong
    mind body connection the in bikram. I’ve tried Ashtanga and for me, it just
    didn’t work. I stick with what works for me and the obvious health benifets
    I’ve recieved by trying not theorizing.

  15. @artour2006I think that Bikram Yoga is very scientific in its method
    working with human scale, if you will for the time in the room which is
    heated to a precise temperature with a precise amount of humidity with a
    precise economy of breath leading to slow and light breathing at rest. This
    presentation overlooks this timeframe and its intentions. He also skips all
    of the explanations in the old texts and goes right to the conclusion
    presenting half baked explanations to suit his preconceptions.

  16. There are no language nuances. The main Bikram’s book and quotes of hot
    yoga teachers clearly state that CO2 is a toxic gas. Therefore, their
    teaching have nothing to do with breathing less or even slower. This is
    because one’s automatic breathing is controlled by CO2, You cannot move
    sideways. If your CO2 gets higher, you breathe slower and less. If your CO2
    decreases, you breathe faster and slower.

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