Homemade Backyard Olympic Weightlifting Platform

GoPro time lapse. Newest addition to my backyard gym. Homemade outdoor olympic weightlifting platform. DIY. Do it yourself.

Weightlifting training footage of Catalyst weightlifters. Audra high-hang clean, Alyssa snatch push press + OHS, Blake power clean + jerk, Jessica power clea…
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22 thoughts on “Homemade Backyard Olympic Weightlifting Platform”

  1. FlippedSociety

    No, but it was with very simple tools, simple measurements, and simple
    geometry. Loved that thing.

  2. far i like it man, do you still use bumper plates or metal weights with the

  3. FlippedSociety

    45lb bumper plates, and then everything else is steel plates, protected by
    the first set of bumpers.

  4. From watching your other video first, I see you made modifications. Did you
    record that?

  5. Coach, Do all your lifters use 20kg bars or do the women use 15kg bars?
    They all look the same.

  6. Catalyst Athletics

    Yes – videos are not always of a single day, and a single day is not always
    in one video.

  7. Thanks, really love the videos and all that they teach. Would be
    interesting to see how your athletes warm-up with the bar before the

  8. This is like heaven. Proper equipment and everybody working out properly.
    In Norway – fitness and isolation movements for the girls is all the rage.
    I wish there was something like this also in Norway!

  9. Jacob Figueroa

    You guys put different parts of a long training session into different
    videos? I also want commend on how good everyones lifts look and how strong
    everyone is

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