Homeland Muscularity- “Be a 10 in 2010” with my Military Style Workout

Homeland Muscularity-

(0:25)- Cross-Touch Push-Ups (1:09)- Squat-Jumps (1:39)- Get-Ups (2:25)- Sit-Squats (3:07)- Reverse Hand Push-Ups (3:47)- Toe-Driver (4:40)- Split Jump (5:09…
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25 thoughts on “Homeland Muscularity- “Be a 10 in 2010” with my Military Style Workout”

  1. Hey Scott – I’m not sure where this question goes but I’ve been having a
    discussion with my friends about soreness after working out. I work out
    regularly and notice my muscles are usually sore the next day. That’s good
    but should I always be sore, even if I’ve been on the same general routine
    for a while? My friends aren’t sold on it but I think its a a good
    sign…as long as its not a sign I’m not getting enough protein or food. I
    like your approachable and down to earth videos!

  2. The toe driver is awesome! A suggestion, to make it more difficult or
    unstable (so that the core can work harder), hold weight in one or both
    hand. I did the cross toe push up with weight on back, it not just increase
    the weight for the push up, it also make my core work harder to stable the
    weight when I touch my toe. Well done Scott! I love this type of workout.

  3. Scott, thanks for a “Homeland” workout. Sometimes you just can’t get to the
    gym or don’t feel like it, but you don’t need or want to take the day off.
    Good stuff man, thanks a lot!

  4. heyy scott thanks alot for this video and tips… i planning on joing the
    marines as soon as graduate so ill defiantly be using this thanks!!!=]

  5. You know what I really LOVE your workouts I’ve seen so much exercises
    videos and they’re boring u have exercises that are funny and different
    ones. Im gonna try your workout and i also love it cause u dont need that
    much dumbbells

  6. philclark31690

    hahaha I think someone got a little excited =P hmmm, and no offense, I know
    it’s great for u but I don’t see how working out is fun 🙁 it’s a necessary
    evil in my opinion…lol

  7. thanx for responding, scott. for those of us who have had to work for a
    living, you are a gift. the tractor reference sprung from a simple poem by
    wiilliam carlos wlliam’s “the red wheel barrow”: so much depends upon a red
    wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens. who
    wouldathunk that exercize videos would lead to literary edification. gay or
    straight, men should always do the right thing. it seems to me that you are
    doing the right thing.

  8. nobodyknows251

    how many pairs of this blue shorts do you have? or maybe its an only one?
    😉 just put them on ebay, you will earn a small fortune 😀

  9. I’ve never seen a real non-gay-for-pay man who has a body like Scott. Good
    exercises btw! I learned some I never heard of. I’m always amazed when
    trainers come out with new moves when I thought the wheel was already

  10. Thoose get ups are tough are cant get the balance right….keep falling on
    my ass 😛 lol

  11. Why ya gotta only seem to show love to the guys Scott?! Some of us girls
    find ya just as inspirational too! lol!8o}

  12. I haven’t been working out for about a month! I just tried this and I can
    barely get through one round. I let myself go! *DEAD.

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