Home Six Pack Abs Workout – Level 1

(LEVEL 1) Home Six Pack Abs Workout How To Get A Six Pack Thanks for 1000 SUBS!!!!!!! COMPLETE Home Six pack Ab workout to get in shape Quick Home Ab Workout…
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Abs routine by Marc Fitt Follow me on facebook: Marc Fitt Fitness Page http://www.facebook.com/marc.fitt Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Marc_Fi…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  2. Thanks for the great workout, had me struggling, one of your best videos
    did it along side you. New to this channel as a 17 year old this is exactly
    what i have been looking for :)

  3. Can you do more workout videos? Like the actual split routines you do? I’m
    skinny as hell & I eat damn near everything in sight…20 years old,
    127-130 lbs., 5’7.5″ tall It isn’t like I just sit on my ass all day…I
    actually work in kindergarten-fifth grade afterschool care & I’m running
    around in the gym playing for nearly my entire 3.5 hour shifts Mon.-Fri.
    Also can you just post more? I subbed in April & have yet to really have it
    be justified! Lol…no offense intended

  4. really well made video and your other videos are getting me motivated to
    change, thank you. keep up the good work Sean

  5. great video. some useful excersises and im gonna go for it for sure. thanks

  6. Sean ThompsonTV

    I recommend every other day, providing your recovering from your primary
    workouts okay, if not twice a week is sufficient, All the best

  7. i’m sixteen an from germany and i’m too skinny.. just like you were.. can
    you pls make a video where you show how to transform ?

  8. Sean ThompsonTV

    Big Thank you to my subscribers I will be using this workout every other
    day to get me into shape for my festival filled and Malia 2013 summer!
    Don’t be afraid to whack on the video, pull up a mat on your floor and make
    the most of your next 15 mins! 3 months to go, every workout counts.

  9. Sean ThompsonTV

    Alot sooner than if you never started 😉 i cant give you a date, but if you
    are at a low enough bodyfat to see your abs this will help develop them
    (build thickness to make them easier to see). Abs are made in the kitchen
    brother. and improved in the gym.

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  12. XyphericProductions

    I have alot of belly fat, and I am 14, how do I get rid of those belly fats
    then ?

  13. Mustafa Guven

    Motivation! watch a Marc video every day b4 you go to the gym and watch how
    you no fail 🙂 Thanks Marc

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  16. Born2live4somuchmore

    what machine is that called in the beginning of the video for the lower
    abdominal’s? anybody? ahh

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  18. Pierre Trintignant

    Great job dude, c’est un beau projet que tu mènes là! J’ai une petite
    question. J’ai cru comprendre que tu es sponsorisé par un fabriquant donc
    je suppose que tu ne payes pas tous tes compléments. A combien te
    reviendrait financièrement tout tes suppléments alimentaire par mois ? Keep

  19. at the end of the video he says you have to do it 4 times and i think 4
    times everyday

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  21. what is the name of the song at the start of this video can anybody please
    tell me

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  23. Angel Iglesias

    what i dont get is if the abdominal muscle group is something you workout
    one day and wait 2 days before working out that muscle out again or if that
    muscle is worked out everyday with other muscle groups?

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