Home Exercise for Abs and Upper Body (Great Home Workout)

Free ab training videos: http://sixpackshortcuts.com/rdm This is a great exercise to do at home or at the gym to build your abs and lower back muscles. Gives…

Build the perfect V-shape upper body FAST. http://sixpackshortcuts.com/rd4r What’s up guys, It’s Mike Chang with sixpackshortcuts, and today I have my buddy …
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50 thoughts on “Home Exercise for Abs and Upper Body (Great Home Workout)”

  1. Nathan Mclaughlin

    Mike I don’t get you you say you have to lose the belly fat before get a
    six pack and in this video you say it burns the fat 

  2. Mario Strunje

    if you guys dont have any weights or equipment… my bed is about 20 pounds
    and that push your bed up and down, its very effective or if you want it
    heavier, than put some heavy staff on the bed like books,laptop… 😛 i
    usually ask my brother to sit on bed and then i raise him up and down on
    the bed 😛 which is very heavy to lift you can try it out its very good for
    people without equipment

  3. Sanjay Mahato

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  4. Stratos Kamateros

    This is the most exhausting thing I have ever tried.. but I guess it works
    if it is exhausting

  5. Paitia Tetuanui

    i need more execice because i’m tahitian. but you are realy very good
    teacher congratulation

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  7. fernando Raymundo

    This guy’s fake as fuck go to strength training, elliot hulse, the
    I used to watch this chang guy and then I started watching the other
    channels and noticed chang is full of shit

  8. great video been planning to start such exercise with my friend john
    kaycher. thanks.

  9. It sucks that I have very large hipbones which makes it look like I have
    love handles when I actually don’t! It sucks major ass! I can’t get rid of
    them in any natural ways. I guess I could workout my upperbody to make them
    look smaller 

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  11. shibika tamang

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  13. Ali Alshebani

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  14. Shado Maharaja

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  15. gontirik gouton

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  16. Im a skinny 5’8″ how can I realistically change my body in 12 weeks ? Thats
    not possible. Plus im not a cook how can I keep up with the diet? What id u
    dont have access 2 the internet or all the gym equipment needed

  17. Bianca Merrell

    Oh God, two hott and sexy strong men standing side by side. I can snuggle
    in those muscles all day. <3

  18. Kennuboy Nagasawa

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  20. osndvk syavzk

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  22. Deepak Shrestha

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