Home Chest Workout Routine

Home Chest Workout Routine

(0:34)- Standard Push-Up (1:06)- Diamond Push-Up (1:53)- Wide-Stance Push-Up (2:35)- Push-Up Targeting Triceps (3:23)- Repeat All 4 Variation with feet Eleva…

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  17. Do those routines effect my chest? And what if i cant do such routines, any
    other suggestion for home workout for chest?

  18. @pvsg1990 you need to change your diet and cut down on calories. also you
    should be doing plenty of cardio

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  24. When I have watched you demonstrating squats, it appears that your knees
    are going too far beyond your toes.

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  26. well you see, normal squats with barbell on your traps is normally for your
    ass or your the back of your thigh…but front squats targets on the front
    part of your thigh

  27. oh i dont know, ive never seen anyone hold the bar like that before. i
    guess it wouldnt matter, really.

  28. well, I guess Dan Green (world record holder raw power lifter) and Mark
    Rippetoe (ex-competitive power lifter and coach with 30+ years of strength
    experience) must be wrong then. Someone should tell them…..

  29. Wrestling shoes, Chuck Taylors, Crossfit line from Reeboks, straight up
    Weightlifting shoes or just bare foot…the closer your sole is to the
    ground, the better because you have more control when holding the bar

  30. Principles for variations of the squats are all the same…don’t arch your
    back and don’t tuck your ass underneath your hips…

  31. So….what about the front squats Mark Rippetoe and Dan Green teaches?
    Straight up and down, don’t sit back, keep weight on the middle of the
    foot. Are you saying those are wrong?

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