Home Ab Workout – NO Equipment Needed – Male & Female Ab Workout

FREE! Get my free gifts!! Go to VerasFitness.com Home Ab Workout – NO Equipment Needed – Male & Female (Click Show More) Hey Guys And Girls! You can do this workout as many times as you want in a day. It’s an ab workout you can do anytime, with just a towel. Wouldn’t recommend more than twice in one day. And NEVER do it everyday! This ab workout is hard so you need to give your abs time to develop and working them out everyday will not allow that. Visit my website to get my “13 Secrets Of Fat loss” video series for FREE. Go here: verasfitness.com David Veras, Fat Loss & Toning Expert VerasFitness.com Video URL www.youtube.com
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26 thoughts on “Home Ab Workout – NO Equipment Needed – Male & Female Ab Workout”

  1. DinsDinsDins27

    Like an out of shape personal trainer, if they can’t take care of them selves, what makes me think they could train me. Hey but this guy is in shape though, not crazy ripped abs but he has some abs. I enjoyed trying the work out.

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  3. DinsDinsDins27

    I didn’t like the second work out on the floor, but besides that, great video. Thanks for posting it. 🙂

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