Hip Hop Abs Workout – 8 Min Abs

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10 Minute Abs Workout -- At Home Abs and Obliques Exercises with No Equipment

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49 thoughts on “Hip Hop Abs Workout – 8 Min Abs”

  1. ObversE Shaneyy

    I flew this exercise 🙂 found it much easier than the chest 1.. the 30
    minute one but very good! would recommend to all beginners who want to work
    their abs! great to know stuff like this can be found on the internet!

  2. Jayachandran Krishnan

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  3. Stan Stanciu Sandel

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  4. I do this once a day with my mc David waist trimmer on and my stomach
    sweats like crazy!

  5. please can someone tell me ., i looked at the 8 min abs workouts and i
    noticed there were three series kinda thing to it ,. would i do the one in
    morning two in the lunch time and three in the arvo ?? is this pushing
    myself i only just started so im needing to know how often do i do these 8
    min exercises ?? someone pls reply i know i sound silly but i need to know
    pls .

  6. I would love to see an intermediate level upper body (especially tri and
    bi) weighted workout

  7. 1000 calorie workouts and yoga workouts! I love that your workouts are
    primarily no equipment necessary

  8. Natalie Herron

    Love your videos! Been doing them for the past 2 weeks and can defenately
    feel my core muscles tightening 🙂 No pain No gain mofo! xxx

  9. Exercices after giving birth that take special care of the perineal muscle.
    I hear many saying that working classical abs exercices where you tend to
    push make damages.


    brizilian butt exercices
    kind of like Jennifer Selter :p its all over the interenet i want the type
    of exercice to get that ^^ if its real !!! :p thank you for yr hard work
    love you guys

  11. Thanks for your videos..I lost 32lbs in 2 months and I did a lot of your
    videos 4 times a week.

  12. Love your videos and I do every days, but I’ll like see more aerobics
    exercises in others workouts :)

  13. BeautifulForever89

    Only ten minutes and I feel like I’ve been working out for much longer.
    Love this!!!

  14. I’m just wondering, is there any reason for not putting some music at the
    backgroud while doing your work out? I’m a new subscriber and like
    everething till now but it’s for me a little boring to hear you breathing:)

  15. Daniela Jacinto

    can you please make a video explaining if a low calorie burn workout is
    still good for you, if you’re trying to build muscle, or if its those
    trainings are useless

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