HIIT My Abs HARD!!! [Fat burning Ab Workout]

Time to mix cardio and abs in one fun, timed workout! It’s only 6 moves at 45 sec each with 10 sec rest. Repeat 4x if it’s you’re only workout for the day, otherwise do once and then follow…

25 thoughts on “HIIT My Abs HARD!!! [Fat burning Ab Workout]”

  1. FUN HIIT + Abs workout!! It’s only 6 min long. Do you like the timer? Does
    it stress you out or is it helpful?

  2. Can’t believe we started with split squat jumps. Talk about beginning
    hardcore! #janyouary 

  3. JasmineLoveBeast Forever

    She always says we shouldn’t be sitting too much, but if you go to school
    it’s impossible! We sit in school for 8 hours and when I come home there is
    a lot homework so I’m sitting again, and then at 5 pm I do her workouts
    from calender, and it’s already night, so basically I’m sitting all day 5
    days in week, that’s horrible :(

  4. Tatiana Brewster

    Omg the timer is soon helpful cus it’s like j don’t have to be like how
    much time do j have left? 

  5. I have to lose 40lbs by october (so i can fit into my clothes) i have
    already lost 4lbs in 5 weeks can anyone recommend a workout scheme?

  6. Aneta Nováková

    Omg I just woke up to school and when I saw your new video, it literally
    made my day better <3. Btw.sorry for my english :D

  7. So it is about 1230 at night here in Germany but whenever you post a video,
    I just want to do it right away.

  8. Cassey:”..So, I want you to think about that as I kill you!”

    She was not freaking kidding ppl

  9. Watching you get tired makes me not want to do this. Knowing its making you
    that tired makes it feel like its going to be really bad.

  10. I know split lunge jumps are getting easier and all for me, but having us
    start the video with them???? You’re gonna be the death of me, Cassey. ;)

  11. Cassie can we get another challenge for next month!!!??? Only 5 days left
    on the flat ab challenge :(

  12. On the abdominal twists, is there a certain way to do them so my feet won’t
    keep sliding backwards and I have to keep readjusting???

  13. i couldn’t really feel the reverse crunches doing anything. idk im almost
    positive im doing them right too.

  14. guys i really need motivation 🙁 im slacking off so bad! & i think i gained
    weight again! i just find so hard to do blogilates every day! but i want to
    though :/

  15. HOW am I supposed to do 100 burpees and 4 min to a hot body workout after

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