High Reps, Light Weights or Low Reps, Heavy Weights?

A common belief is that you should use light weights and complete a high number of repetitions if your desire is to “tone,” and use heavy weights and perform…
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25 thoughts on “High Reps, Light Weights or Low Reps, Heavy Weights?”

  1. Just Google Fat Blast Furnace and you’ll discover why certain foods
    ‘explode’ in your stomach.

  2. Donald Pearline

    Based on the comment of 90 sec. limit for anaerobic training, I wonder if
    modifying an HIIT session to put the majority of the HI portion within the
    first 90 sec. would be best. Any evidence based work done on this?

  3. Working out with heavier weights is sort or pointless if you are going to
    pick up a weight that gets you tired quick, it drains your stamina level
    and getting you to work out less in some cases, with less weight you are
    getting exaughsted but not insanely quick like when using heavy weights,
    letting you be able to work out for a longer period of time ..

  4. @vincent7125 Yeah my saying is “Train Till It Hurts” then you really know
    your muscles did a good job.

  5. i was doing high weight and low reps and al i was doing was bulking up and
    i DID not want that. i did this for 3 months didnt lose any weight infact i
    was getting heavier. after i realised it wasnt working i changed to low
    weight and high reps and i lost 2 stone in a month without dieting at all.
    however i wil say those other 3 months must have helped in is.

  6. @uzidoesit. MUSCLE DOES NOT WEIGH MORE THAN FAT! 1kg of muscle and 1kg of
    fat are the same weight, they’re both 1kg. Muscle is more dense and takes
    up less space by volume, but 1kg of fat is the same as 1kg of muscle.

  7. Brandon Hanson

    Do burn sets for your 1st set (where you start out doing as much weight as
    you can, 6-8 reps then drop the weight 15-20lbs and do 6-8 reps and then
    drop another 15-20lbs and do 15 final reps). Then you would do 2 more sets
    of 6-8 reps with as much weight as you can.

  8. @BashEl7as lol if i say high reps i dont mean the same reps everytime ,
    like when i do 20 reps next set i do like 18 reps then 16 you know 😉 but
    when i keep the reps the same , lets say 15 reps yes i can increase weight
    😉 maybe last 2-3 reps need some help but that builds muscle 😉 soo idk if
    you train buddy but if you do , u will notice these kinda things 🙂 Peace
    out ..

  9. Eatswimliftrepeatbroteinbro132

    haha heavy weight and low reps as the guy grabs a whole 20 maybe 25 pounds
    for rows

  10. Yeah, and i get what Arnold S. calls the pump… but no in my biceps, if
    you know what i mean.

  11. YellowPaint100

    She kinda reminds me of that fitness chick from the 80’s & 90’s … I think
    it’s Kathy Smith

  12. Protip: never take advice from a woman on how to bulk up. Stick with good
    ol’ 8-12 reps.

  13. latinolopez90

    I do lighter weights with high reps sets first then move gradually to
    heavier with low reps towards the end of the exercise. I’m not sure if this
    is the right way, even though I am seeing good results.

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