Heavy Weights for Building Muscle Necessary?

So are heavy weights necessary for building muscle? Find out in this episode of ATSGS! What is the difference between strength training and training to build…
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25 thoughts on “Heavy Weights for Building Muscle Necessary?”


    Vince let me give you an advice,as a professional trainer in the fitness
    business you should accept the critisism as you accept the thumbs up even
    if they are negative for your reputation or your ego.Let the people and the
    subscribers to be the judges do not become so cocky with anyone is giving
    you a thumbs down,it is not proficient.

  2. yes, I can testify that. I tried 4 second negatives, 4-0-2-1 tempo, and it
    worked amazing. however, you need big weights for progressive overload…
    that’s why you need periodization.

  3. Yes, mulder is correct. I only care about money. I’ve uploaded more than
    450 FREE videos and more than 400 FREE articles since 2006… proof I only
    care about money. Take a hike kid before you get booted. You clearly don’t
    know me.

  4. scooby and luimarco elliot hulse are the hero’s not this guy special
    program blablabla only thing you need is dedication nothing is for nothing
    eat healthy and train smart and believe in yourself thumbs up if you agree

  5. I’m drooling over Hypertrophy Max right now, I’m 17.I’ll hopefully get my
    hands on it in a few years.

  6. Vince what about the idea of muscle specific training? I read about it and
    it says for Max hypertrophy you have to consider the specific muscle
    group’s percentage of fast and slow twitch fibers. a video on this would be
    great as well.

  7. mattyfitness noy

    im doing power+bodybuilding, it works! 🙂 strength is going up so is my
    weight and size in my muscles, more strong you are the more weight you can
    lift so that = more size

  8. You dont need to buy any Programs just eat right and lift weights your own
    way record them and make sure next time you do more simple as that.

  9. Vince i have seen you doing exercises, in the rep range of 8-12 per set,
    i.e. hypertrophy style, but one set of yours of 10 reps never lasts 40-60
    seconds. In your book No nonsense muscle building you also teach on time
    under tension that it should be 40-60 seconds for hypertrophy, but 1 set of
    MINE usually lasts 25-30 seconds. Is it OK to continue what I’m doing ?

  10. In my opinion, strength comes mainly from your nervous system and its
    ability to recruit the proper muscles to the task asked of it. And is only
    limited by your nervous system. Try doing pressups, 50 once a day. In a
    month 50 will be easy. No form change, no diet change, no rep alterations,
    just much stronger and able to do more. And I don’t care what anyone says,
    that applies to everything where strength is concerned.. Bodybuilding has
    little to do with strength, the lines got blurred..

  11. dude, ive got it, and it is amazing. its not about the sets reps routine
    etc. Its about optimising exercise execution for hypertrophy. Its beyond
    the level of any other exercise instructional vid. U wont regret buying it.

  12. Fonzworth Bentley

    *sarcoplasmic hypertrophy does not lead to to muscle gains that last long.
    You’re just increasing more fluid into the muscle. If you want dense muscle
    that will actually stick on your body longer along with strength, you’re
    better off lifting 8 reps and under and mix in the sarcoplasmic higher rep
    work. If you’re all natural and only doing sarcoplasmic, you’re pretty much
    wasting your time. Just because something works for people who are on
    drugs, doesn’t mean that will work best for you.

  13. Hey would love if someone could give me a better description of the video.
    I’m confused on the difference in reps between getting stronger and getting
    bigger. Thanks!

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