Heavy Musings

A few of my favorite weightlifting clips from the last two years. All video work done by Iron Maven using Dartfish. The music is “Money Day Be” by The Headro…
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25 thoughts on “Heavy Musings”

  1. Gary Butterfield

    In our coaching session today, Helen was hitting the Snatch movement for
    the first time. Here’s my favourite YouTube video to give you an insight
    into what she was doing…

  2. silverdiablo22

    such an inspiring video, i will literally watch it every time, before i
    head to the gym to practice. i just love how you put the 2 people on
    overlay and show the comparison. great job and an inspiration to all.

  3. I always enjoy your work which is such a valuable asset to both athletes
    and coaches!

  4. What I like about these videos is how when they do a successful lift and it
    might be a PR, they drop the bar w/just a bit more force and enthusiasm

  5. As someone who loves weigh lifting and is an editor… I LOVE THE VIDEO!!!
    I even see it from the bus sometimes : )

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