Heavy Bench press Training to hit 300 pounds!

JOIN THE KINGZ! CLICK→ http://goo.gl/F6yV8 Current weight: 166 lbs Made a short term goal to hit 300 then 315! When i make these weight lifting and physique …
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Big Z performing the squat lift at the 2011 World’s Strongest Man qualifiers. The total weight is 715 pounds (325 kg), NOT 1430!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Heavy Bench press Training to hit 300 pounds!”

  1. Dude, your spotter was jacked! Amazing genetics. Good luck on crushing
    those goals man. First time seeing your channel and I subbed. Check mine

  2. great vid man, that dude was JACKED. definitely a goal physique for me.
    you’re pretty strong too. my short term goal right now is to rep out 225.
    and move up from there. ive been messing around in the gym and only doing
    high reps cause its easier. 

  3. steven marriott

    im trying to train for abit of strength and size now when I train at home
    and I get started I get straight down too it I don’t speak too anyone
    that’s why I like training at home too many destractions at the gym I like
    to black out get deep within my lifts.

  4. Thought I was the only one! That shit fucks me up, I do better without
    pre-workouts anyhow

  5. man i got it from the start. i like that you started filming from the car,
    and that you are motivated to win. not sure about the title becuase i was
    waiting for you to pick up 300 which i know u can do by benching 245 8
    times. i would watch more of your videos if the ending were better. hope
    your up to 315 x 8 by now good luck.

  6. Great job keep doing your thing check out my channel and subscribe to me at
    Shawn boog thank u very much

  7. Stop smackin ur lips my dude, u can’t come off hard talkin bout crushin
    weights smackin ur lips. Good shit on the workout tho

  8. Jeffo'n Spikes

    Lol I got 235 on bench and I weigh 136 and I’m 15 I had stupid form though
    and the way up was a grinder!!!!! It’s on my channel 

  9. He’s making the same mistakes that I did. Too many reps at a lower weight
    when you’re trying to hit a certain number. Once I cut down on the build up
    sets, my numbers increased dramatically. Just one or two warm up sets, not
    to failure then go after the weight you want without wasting so much

  10. Honestly , you could have hit 300 that day..just a tip tho..widen your grip
    some. Unless your compensating an injury you will really go up in weight.
    Chest is stronger than the tricep. Keep up the training. Good job.

  11. good shit benoit you gonan hit that targeted goal brother without a
    doubt..keep piimping those weights like its your bitch!

  12. first ronnie squated 800, just for 2 reps and with not as clean form as
    this guy..
    second ronnie squated with a bunch of straps, knee straps, elbow straps and
    shit, and this is raw without straps..(this thing that he has on his knees
    arent straps, just knee warmers and are allowed in competitons, and straps

  13. But if this was crossfit the haters would say his form is from snap city…
    fucking crossfit haters eat a dick

  14. FUN FACT: That barbell would weight around 178lbs on the moon. Meaning I
    could smash his PR by over 20 reps if I hop on a spaceship with the

  15. he’s strong as hell, 1000% perfect form, 100% RAW! and he even had to move
    the barbell around!! impressive, i don’t think anyone could beat this

  16. was that a workout or something, at least show you are struggling with the

  17. Mindaugas Legenda

    lithuanian TITAN. this year again won strongest man tournament. this guy is
    no doubt strongest man in world, and maybe whole history,

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