3 thoughts on “Heather’s Step Aerobics Combo #2”

  1. Just stumbled upon your account last week & I’ve only watched 3 of your
    videos but I LOVE your combos so far!! I am a relatively new step aerobics
    instructor (8 months now) and I am definitely going to incorporate these
    combos into my classes!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!!! You are a fabulous
    instructor :)

  2. Thanks, Cole! I’m so happy that you like the combos. I hadn’t even thought
    of doing a podcast, but it’s a great idea!!! I will have to do some work to
    figure it out, but I always love a challenge 🙂 I totally want to try it!
    Thanks for the inspiration and I’ll keep you posted

  3. I’m dying for a podcast that I can put on my iPhone! I think that for more
    advanced steppers, we could work hard with the calls alone. Love your
    combos, LOVE your videos…DYING for a podcast!!! Thanks so much for what
    you do!!

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