Hardcore Six Pack Ab Training

Get your free audio book here: http://audible.com/mike Hey Y’all, It’s Mike and today we are going to do a hardcore ab workout. It is going to be intense, so…

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50 thoughts on “Hardcore Six Pack Ab Training”

  1. The exercises look impressive but really not nessecery to get good abs. But
    i understand, you as a personal trainer get paid for your time, so the more
    a person trains the more he has to pay.

  2. All the people talking smack, are the ones not workingout or are jealous as
    f… also if you hate his channel so much why care to watch the video’s?
    Just stfu get your fat ass away from your pc and go do something. 

  3. My tailbone hurts as I do the russian twists so i cant really do those, or
    am I doing it right?

  4. Yin69YangNexus

    Really I believe put ur chin on ur chest and there will be no strain at
    all. Try it Bro. Change is the key. I never fully subscribe to anything or
    anyone and I do what feels good 4me. If I followed what U say in this
    regard I would feel like I have wiplash tomorrow. Tuck ur chin in and hold
    it there so then ur neck is totally left out of the occasion. 

  5. Round your back at the starting position, that way you are flat at the
    lowest point. You’re already in good shape so it doesn’t really effect you
    as much but people who are not as accustomed to working out could easily
    hurt their lower back like this. Keep up the good work.

  6. Nice video mate i like the explanation for the workout but the ending is
    just pure shit 😀 with that music and you posing ….very lame sorry anyway
    cool video beside that 

  7. That fact hes struggling with that body to do them means I wouldn’t stand a
    chance of doing one lol 

  8. Felipe Domingos

    sotaque de brasileiro, Silva então. I Would like to know how many reps and
    series should i do if i’m a beginner

  9. MrBlackstar1992

    I think what he means is wrong, that instead of resting on your knees, then
    resting on your toes.. I believe resting on toes makes it harder.. Maybe
    that’s the Error he talks about?

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