Greg Plitt Abs Workout (Military Fitness Transformation)

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Ab Workout for Strong Core & Ripped Abs Ed Checo from Barstarzz gives us a remix on the old ab routine. Here are 3 core exercises with with only your body we…
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44 thoughts on “Greg Plitt Abs Workout (Military Fitness Transformation)”

  1. Amazing Greg Plitt Abs Workout (Military Fitness Transformation) thanks to
    ! #workout #fitness #motivation #abs´╗┐

  2. Alex Crichton

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    my user name is AlexCrichton1212´╗┐

  3. Simeon Velichkov

    is this normal for teenagers? im 15 and ive been going to the gym for 3

  4. No, only work your abs everyday if the last workout didnt make them sore.
    If they are sore, they need time to recover. So workout a different group. ´╗┐

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  6. Sebastian Andersson

    damn he’s talking a lot of shit. Mind your diet, train like a normal person
    and they will show up eventually. Don┬┤t buy everything you hear/see´╗┐

  7. The program is called Military Focus Training (MFT28) not Military Fitness
    Transformation ­čÖé

  8. Uh, these abs aren’t going anywhere….hahaha…I forgot one so I had to
    relook up…I have to remember not to hold my breath….I’m stiff as a
    board…not living with the abs…I’m a pot…chipped pot…haha

  9. At my worst abdominals shape and worst fitness level…I was going to the
    bathroom 1 per day…and was wondering…AM I Constipated…I go at least 2
    to 3 times per day. So my normal changed because of a new sedentary
    lifestyle. That has returned to normal quite fast. But we must be attentive.

  10. Yes, but thats not the point is it? What’s the point of being skinny and
    having abs? thats like a fat girl with big tits. not fun or attractive.

  11. Abdominals are not my sexy muscles…heck…without good form…you get
    constipation…so we don’t have nor get a choice…you must work them out!!

  12. Lol i know so many people say just diet when sure that works but you still
    need to workout the abs or they will look flat.

  13. @irboredlol you can work your abs everyday (everybody is different so try
    to do it 7 days a week first)

  14. Mira Zakni─ç

    Ed does not have a perfect looking body but guys he can do a lot of things
    and plus he is massive and he is a cool guy! :))

  15. Ed has gotten a lot bigger than he was a few years ago in his videos on
    Barstarzz. However, he still can perform the exercises. Thanks Ed.

  16. Harry Houghton

    …we who train and understand respect him… don’t pay them trolls any
    attention,hatas gonna hate brah

  17. Ed’s been eatin’ good!! lol To those who are criticizing, he could be
    bulking up. Many people criticized him when he was smaller, saying he could
    only do those tricks because he weighed nothing. Now he has size and can
    still do the exercises. But he’s getting criticized for not being ripped
    like before? Just can’t satisfy trollers for NOTHING!!!

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