Girl Power-lifting: Amazing 12-year-old bench presses 70 kilos

12-year-old Maryana Naumova soon hopes to find herself in the Guinness Book of Records. As she has become the first girl under 15 to bench press an incredibl…

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50 thoughts on “Girl Power-lifting: Amazing 12-year-old bench presses 70 kilos”

  1. Looks like a superb way to fuck your back up. You are supposed to bring
    your back to a slight arc when benching, but you aren’t supposed to turn
    into a damn spider.

  2. What she does with her back is a legit technique, though hers might be a
    tad extreme but its not bad for her back. If you watch closely, you see all
    the weight is concentrated on her upper back which stays completly still
    through the exercise. I think power lifters do this to make sure your arms
    dont go too far down which causes alot of stress(streches it too far i
    believe) on your chest.

    I am by no means an expert on this, i just work out a few times a week, and
    i have a few friends who do something similar.

  3. can any power lifters explain why she lays on the bench like that? It looks
    really unforgettable.

  4. My back is breaking just watching this. They say benching can have serious
    consequences but yet they “teach” her this shitty form.

  5. Robert Garcia

    If you going to get her to lift weights do it right she can get hurt the
    way she lifted that look at her back. But is nice to see them starting
    early just do it where she does pull something.

  6. seriously, why would anyone think that news ladies haircut looks
    good….looks like she cut her bangs with a butter knife.

  7. Solomon Hanks

    Watching her bench just makes my back hurt geesh it’s right to arch your
    back but not that much it’s not safe 

  8. Of course your comment is valid joe stud…because all the professional
    judges at these power-lifting meets don’t know proper form and all the
    professional power-lifting coaches are telling her to do the wrong
    thing…sure…because you know what you’re talking about…does anyone
    else hear that? …the sarcasm is so loud…OH MY…

  9. Michael Mohler

    I think it’s cheating benching like that keep your back straight I hate

  10. edward williams

    This girl is bench pressing 70 kilos, thats 154 pounds! I cannot even bench
    70 pounds!! I am way too short and skinny.

  11. This is normal form in Russia. They think it is bench pressing. Its often
    hard not to laugh when I watch them bench. Believe it or not I have seen
    even worse form here in Russia. I always wonder if they ever wonder why the
    bench was made flat. :)

  12. esteban cadena

    honestly i dont have a clue, i see powerlifting form as a pointless excuse
    for people to feel like theyre lifting a much heavier weight than they can
    actually do. i guess when you think about it its about ego, like just a
    feeling of fake self achievement.

  13. Even though it’s Candito’s program a lot of the advice you’ve been
    providing has helped out a ton in my own training. Even little things like
    upper back tightness have made a huge difference for me, so thanks for
    being willing to try new things and sharing that expanded lifting knowledge
    with us, keep up the good work man!

  14. Anthony Intensity

    Awesome Nick! What are your expectations about the progress in your bench
    ,squat and DL after those 6/7 weeks!? Any numbers in mind??

  15. I think you misunderstand, the linear program is not for acclimating for
    the 6 week periodised program. It is for milking as much linear gains as
    you can, then you switch to the periodised program when you NEED to for
    continued progress

  16. MuscleAddict4Life

    im jelly. your lower biceps look really good when yer deadlifting. weird
    compliment but i notice the little things. o.o 

  17. Kevin Whittaker

    Hey Nick, good stuff man. I got day 2 of Week 4 – Heavy Weight Acclimation
    today. I absolutely love this program so far and am probably going to do
    another couple cycles. There’s nothing better than going into the gym
    knowing you gotta hit some numbers!

  18. Nick, have you considered squatting with a low bar position? Since you are
    training like a powerlifter you should experiment with powerlifting
    technique (benching with an arch and feet tucked back and squatting with a
    lower bar placement)

  19. Soooooo after my 5 weeks of power lifting schedule I should max out ? Or
    optional ? 

  20. Bro, don’t worry about the dislikes. You’re one of these guys who work from
    their hearts. Haters gonna hate! Cheers bro keep the work up!

    And yeah btw, I’m starting the linear 4 weeks today! I already wanted to
    start his programs, but you got me more excited! Looking for the coming

  21. Nick, I sent you a tweet about this. Have you got the link to Candito’s 4
    week programme, as i can only find the 6 week programme on the website?

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