Gilad Step Aerobics

Clip from the DVD Available on our website.

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16 thoughts on “Gilad Step Aerobics”

  1. Ghada AlHumaidi

    WHERE HAVE YOU BEEEENNN!! im glad i found you, whats the best workout for
    toning side thighs? is it steps? thank u very much <3

  2. Hi Mita M, yes there is. It is listed as STEP AEROBICS STEP by STEP and
    runs for 51:07. It was uploaded awhile ago. Let me know if you still are
    unable to find it, and I’ll send you an email with a link.

  3. Tammy Markham

    I am confused about why I see 2 different versions of Step by Step 2 in
    your list of videos. One of them is about 38 mins and then there is this
    one which is 48? You are also wearing different clothes in each. What is
    different about them, is it just length?

  4. Ghada AlHumaidi- so happy you found me too! Yes, step is definitely a great
    workout to tone the ENTIRE leg, including the side of your thighs. Also
    when you add in weight training, such as strength moves for the lower body
    like lunges and squats, you can firm and tighten those areas as well. =)

  5. @Nancy Zamarron — Wonderful! Thanks so much Nancy. Appreciate you
    commenting too.

  6. Laura Schmuck

    What fun!!!!! I just enjoy every workout that you put out. Can’t wait to
    try another one tomorrow!

  7. @Laura Schmuck – WOW! Thanks so much for your kind words. Really appreciate
    your encouragement! =)

  8. Wanted to recommend to all of you watching these to go download them. They
    are great workouts and the download was very easy. I highly recommend ALL
    of Jenny’s workouts. Great workout, great cueing, fun choreography. Thanks,

  9. @Tammy Markham – GREAT question! The Step by Step 2 shorter version was
    filmed first. Then I started having requests that my participants liked
    when the combos are repeated more. So I filmed this version where you learn
    combo 1, then combo 2, then go over combo’s 1 +2, then learn combo 3, then
    go back to combo’s 1,2,3, then learn combo 4 and go over all 4 back to
    back. I left them both up so if you are shorter on time, you can do the
    shorter one. Hope that helps! =)

  10. @TheDrew0301 – What a great endorsement! I really appreciate you letting
    people know of your experience downloading my workouts– and that you like
    them as well. You are so welcome!

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