Getting Ripped Abs in 8 Minutes Ab Workout – HASfit Ways to Get Ripped Abs Exercises – Ab Ripper X

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No time? Let’s take 3 minutes to flat abs and a hard core! I’ve created a killer combo of lower leg lifts and criss-crosses to attack your lower belly pooch …

50 thoughts on “Getting Ripped Abs in 8 Minutes Ab Workout – HASfit Ways to Get Ripped Abs Exercises – Ab Ripper X”

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    start 😀 … Woohhoooo… ExprezSliminizer all the way!

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  3. Hello my name is Chris and i’m from Romania, so sorry about my english
    being bad but please try to understand me.I’m 16 years old and i am obese.
    i weight 82 kilos and my height is 1.85 cm.My problem is that my abdominal
    bones are very far apart from each other and you can see them trough my
    skins and my body looks like an upside-down V. i don’t know what to do
    please help …

  4. i was happy to get thru first round so i think i will hold out for the
    second round tomorrow and yet i usually don’t have any problems doing ab
    exercises but then i’m not used to doing them with weights but i’m 49 and
    my stomach is in pretty good shape now so i will just have to work my way
    up to this exerise coach Kozak but i’ll get there!!

  5. I was really fat when I was younger then at 14 I decided I had had enough
    and started going to the gym 3 times a week and eating tuna salad for most
    evening meals, and just eating really healthy. Don’t drink fizzy drinks, be
    careful what you eat and you can do it! I did it.

  6. Ivy_Track_Athlete

    Great workout coach. Best part is the little rest and constant tension on
    abdominals. Can’t wait for next Advanced video!

  7. Kothapalli Naveen kumar

    Have you heard about “Epic Lean Body”? (Google it) It is a quick way for
    you to burn off fat fast.

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  9. well i did this workout again this morning and realized the weight i was
    using was to heavy, duh. I was using 5.lbs and I went down to 3lbs. and was
    able to finish the workout!!!

  10. Click the link in the video description for the HASfit Store or get rid of
    the spaces cafepress .c o m / hasfit

  11. cassey! please help me! every time i changed the leg in the crisscross and
    also when lowing my legs my tail bone/hip keep on crunching in a weird way
    and it was almost painful 🙁 anybody with the same problem? please help :'(

  12. Itzamaria Zaldivar

    You look different! You have such a beautiful glow idk how to describe it!
    Love you and thanks for the killer workout :)

  13. No matter what I do during double leg lifts my back always arches when I
    bring my legs down 🙁 It’s like my back has natural arch or something 

  14. Everytime I do this routine or all abs my ABS are not the ones hurting. Its
    my neck, shoulder area and lower back. Its getting painful and I’m trying
    to follow cassey on some pointers that she’s been giving, but it keeps
    hurting a lot.
    Idk what to do for it not to hurt. Can someone that has been doing this for
    awhile help me? ? 

  15. alannahs unicorn

    I signed up in august and used the password, but i never got a new password
    and the old one doesnt work… do i get a new calendar each month? 

  16. Casey love ur videos so much they help me realive stress from my life u
    have gelped me threw so much thanks soooo much! Love you <3

  17. Cassey, you are one of my fav persons in the whole world! You are always so
    positive and smiling, you would be such an amazing friend! You make working
    out fun :D

  18. you’re right on time, girl! i am doing today’s workout before school and i
    have 17 minutes time left!

  19. Cassey: If you’re tired, go into beginners’ position

    Me: I am in beginners’ position!!!

  20. Gold nails, and I added you on snapchat! This workout was great and very
    much needed. Plus I smiled through it, and it made me happier!

  21. Whenever I do ab workouts like the one with the criss crossing, my legs
    (thighs) seem to hurt more than my abs. Does that mean I’m doing something
    wrong or just that my thighs need more work than my abs?

  22. I’m starting again after 8 months of not working out!
    Wish me luck!
    Thanks Cassey for all the great workouts :)

  23. Whisper Anderson

    Please help me, every time i get on track and start to loose weight and
    start working out i always start eating unhealthy food again what should i
    do :(

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