Get Shredded Abs without Losing Muscle Mass – 3 Simple Tips

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11 thoughts on “Get Shredded Abs without Losing Muscle Mass – 3 Simple Tips”

  1. High intensity cardio… Arn’t you burning muscle as well as fat, why not
    stick to low intense cardio

  2. I am about 25 lbs oversight with lots of belly fat so do you recommend that
    I just focus on cardio and wait till I lose that to build muscle?

  3. I would focus on the fat loss aspect but not with cardio only…I would
    certain follow a weight lifting program as part of your weight loss

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    quick and easy way for you to shed fat fast.

  5. No…high intensity training will not only aid in the firing of fast twitch
    muscle fibers, but it has also been shown to preserve muscle mass better.
    However, using the principles I mentioned in this video you can go either
    route and still be fine.

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  7. So right now I jog every other day and am already lean/thin. What exercises
    should I do to get ‘shredded abs.’

  8. musclemonsters

    Well, getting your abs to show is a matter of getting lean enough…but if
    you want your abs to pop, thats going to take some direct abs training.

  9. I’m about 15lbs over weight and i have just slight mass how should i train
    for abs?

  10. Thanks for the help brother….this is all the way from london and we all
    appreciate it brother

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