Get Fit Fast Ab Workout-15 min of pain offers a difficult ab workout that takes about 15 minutes with no equipment required, just a “can do attitude and some elbow grease…
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25 thoughts on “Get Fit Fast Ab Workout-15 min of pain”

  1. if I become comfortable doing this and i add leg weights, is it considered

  2. Satinder Ahluwalia

    Chris seems to struggle with most exercises are you sure hes a PT he seems
    to find it harder than me and i am not even fit….

  3. shelbourne TWD

    ive been doing this for a couple weeks and its made such an improvement on
    my life thank you so much

  4. Peter Mccartney

    that’s a difficult workout for someone whos out of shape ..look at these
    ppl they are ribbed …

  5. Sandu Musteata

    1 month ago i couldn t do this exercises, now i don t feel any pain,i m
    not even exhausted.

  6. hey man =)
    i have 1 question. im going to start working out, but i dont know what to
    do for a start. i want to lose some fat, and build a bit of muscle and abs,
    but i dont know for sure how start, so im asking the professional, can u
    advice me the best way to start? Cheers.

  7. geez, thought my abs were in shape! always room to improve me reckon;-) 26
    reps last one… will improve that shit for sure

    thx for the great workout!

  8. tafilele toluono

    hey im only 14 and not that fit but do you think me and my brother can try
    it he’s 10 cause I was wondering if I had to be certain age

  9. Patrick Witherow

    At 8:40 “Looks like everybody else got it…” The 2 guys are passed out. 

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