Get Active with Katina Taylor & Friends – Week 3

Get Active with Katina Taylor & Friends - Week 3

This week on the “Get Active” Series, Katina Taylor and friends will show you how to highlight your unique talents and abilities through an active dance game, called “Little Sally Walker.” Watch and learn as Katina and friends explain how to play. This activity will be sure to get you moving and grooving as well as showcase your creativity! Games are an excellent way to get exercise while having fun, so grab some friends, start the music and GET ACTIVE! To learn more about the Get Active Series, visit or To find out more about Strong Women, Strong Girls and follow along each week, visit Get Active Series Produced By: McDermott Productions

The Hop Hop Song is a fun interactive kid’s music video from The Silly Adventures of Daffy Dave. Produced by Dave Mampel and Alex Alamul (SideKick Productions copyright 2007).
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Hey kids! Watch and do what the songs says. You’ll get some exercise and have fun too!!! Love, Daffy Dave

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