Get 6 Pack Abs in 12 minutes, This Workout Works!

Another great 6 pack abs workout from If you don’t have much time and want to work all areas of your abs then you will love th…
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What ab exercises should you never skip? Find out in the program Knowing how often to work out your abs is just as imp…
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50 thoughts on “Get 6 Pack Abs in 12 minutes, This Workout Works!”

  1. I did all these exercises for about three months without results…I later
    found out that I had to do the exercises AND stop eating at fast food
    places. That fried chicken with mashed potatoes, potato salad, gravy,
    coleslaw, corn, dinner rolls, hamburgers, fries, pizza, and soda or sweet
    tea is very, very, very hard to give up. I go to KFC and order the 8 piece
    family meal, and pretty much eat the whole thing! It really
    is…finger-lickin’ good!! I may be sexually disgusting, but at least I’m
    eating good!!

  2. as a guy who is going to school to be a personal trainer i gotta say that
    first off, his form is very bad, specially on the double crunch he is
    putting a lot of pressure on his neck, he should be looking up and just
    rest his hands on the neck without really applying pressure. Don’t try to
    teach when you don;t know what you are doing, you’ll get people to follow
    you and they’ll end up injuring themselves following your examples.

  3. people, this is not true. Its not true that if you do only these excerises
    that u will get a sixpack. Sixpack is hard work and need time….

  4. Guys, it is not getting full abs in 12 minutes. It is a 12 minute WORKOUT,
    which you do daily >_<

  5. Jorrit van Leiden

    Doing ab exercises like these will not give you visible six pack abs when
    you have a layer of belly fat covering them like the guy performing has.

  6. jeward cabugnason

    This is not about fat…….. its about how you will get a 6 pack
    abs……….. its up to the watchers to do this properly…… if ur to
    heavy or fat try to burn that fat first before u do this workout well and
    of coarse eat healthy foods and vegetables to rip ur muscle…. 🙂 i will
    try this workout by my self ….. lets do this workout…….. 

  7. Doesn’t make sense at all,you just can’t burn fat and get down with your’e
    body fat in one workout,you have to workout at least a month,and to eat
    right(your’e nutrition is more than 60 % of the results).don’t get me
    wrong,this is a great workout for abs,but you can’t get ripped by one

  8. Casto Ricardo Magsaysay

    Thanks a lot Peter Carvell for your practical, simple but intense , and
    functional Abs and Chest Exercisers where you can do at home even without
    sophisticated and expensive equipments ! 

  9. Internet warriors! This man is trying to motivate & it’s up too you to do
    it, or complain!

  10. I watched this video and I started working abs everyday as hard as I can
    and its only day 3 and I already see results. 

  11. RantingGreekGamer

    Do it 7 days a week and you are going to end up with a busted core in the
    end. Seriously, what about RESTING? What about letting the muscle to GROW
    instead of pressuring it every day? Jesus.

  12. I’d love to see a discussion about core strenght between Jeff and Elliot
    Hulse. That’d be really interesting.

  13. I do abs 6 days per week alternating from high to low intensity. Knee/leg
    raises, wood chops on the cable crossover machine(low to high, middle, high
    to low). Check my avatar…

  14. Hey Jeff. First off thanks for your videos… I just put in the order for
    you pre workout. I’m am average guy with a slightly larger gut. Would you
    still recommend doing abs with this big gut of mine? Won’t the abs push out
    my belly making it look bigger? Thanks

  15. Cant agree with this one. If im training abs i wont be able to train them
    at least 2 days because of muscle soreness. If you are able to train them
    every day, than you dont train hard enough

  16. PreciouslyPrecious

    I already knew this, but hearing it from someone more educated have me the
    motivation I was lacking to follow this advice. 

  17. I find it a struggle to do abs, they seem to be very weak and instead of
    feeling the abs activate i feel my back doing most of the work, some
    exercise machines are better than others but even though it feels like i’m
    unable to hit that muscle group as hard as i wish i could.

    Should i pull my stomach in when i’m doing crunches or what? I haven’t had
    that ab burn sensation in years. :D

  18. Vikhyaat Sareen

    Its good and new piece of information for me, but i dont know who to
    follow? By trying this my only fear is that my Abdominal musles will be use
    to, to working out every day and after a point of time they will stop
    reacting to the work oout as they have got use to the work out every day. I
    am saying this because i faced it in th epast thats why reduced my workout
    to 2 days a week but till death. 

  19. I agree with you 100%, I feel like abs are so underrated, yes everyone
    acknowledges that the muscles look amazing but I see a lot of fitness
    channels who disagree with putting the effort in those muscles, I’m going
    to work out my abs everyday now directly and indirectly, I think my lower
    back is stronger than my abs lol.

  20. Learning your body chemistry is very important, Its real easy for skinny
    dudes to get there abs showing but bigger guys have to diet stricter, I
    dont know about 7 days but I like to hit my abs atleast 4 out of 7

  21. the abs are one of the fastest recovering muscles in the body… so this
    makes a lot of sense… gonna start doing it every day :D

  22. I use weights on my abs. Overload them like any other muscle.. Every 48
    hours allows them to recoup. They are also used in many other exercises.
    Everyday direct is definitely overtraining. 

  23. I have pretty bad winged scapulas and I don’t know what i can do about
    it… Any suggestions?

  24. I apply directs to the indirects every day = doing abs 14 times/ week.
    but ill never get the sixpack unless i start running. i jump ropes once a
    week. I get periostitis easily.

  25. letitfly from downtown

    Big brandon carter and mike chang recommend to work on abs every other day.
    Who should I listen to?

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