Get 6 Pack Abs 33% Faster with This Simple Trick ! In this video I show you one simple trick I used during my 6WeekSixPack Challenge to help me burn up to 33% more calories with each workout. Not only is it dam simple and easy, but also very powerful and if you do this with every workout in the challenge you will get 6 pack abs way faster.

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  2. The trick is to WEAR a hat. Mystery solved. Ppl, you don’t have to pay for his lessons or even train anymore, just buy a fuckin hat.

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  8. You offend someone and now you complain about someone offending you? Guess that’s karma.

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  10. work out ! ist gonna be hard cuz if it wass easy than everyoen will be walking around whit a bigg cesht and 6 pacs DONT GIVE UP CUZ HARD WORK PAYS OFF !!

  11. what a wast of time. you have diarrhea of the mouth. get to the point instead of wasting people’s time

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