Gain muscle AND lose fat! Yes, you CAN gain muscle AND lose weight AT THE SAME TIME! If you want to read this information rather than watch the 10 minut…
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25 thoughts on “Gain muscle AND lose fat!”

  1. I just find it hard to believe. I know it isn’t (all) from fat, since my
    waist has remained the same, and I’m still getting compliments that I’m
    looking in better shape. But I can’t think that I’ve gained a stone in
    waterweight either, bah, just confusing.

  2. Colton Turcotte

    I’m 6’1 and 132 pounds, because I’m so skinny should I be focused on
    gaining fat AND muscle or just muscle?

  3. This is an excellent video, but the part from 5:29 on is A LIE, and all
    beginners should learn the truth. Please upvote this for visibility. Your
    body will NOT waste the protein, even if you eat lots at the same time.

  4. “Fight like the dickens” haha 🙂 You’re so calm and down to earth, unlike
    those other people on YouTube who are so full of themselves that they’re of
    no help. Thanks Scooby!

  5. Mond Christopher

    It totally does. Some people need it, some people don’t — but it
    definitely helps. If some people tell you that it’s a total garbage, NEVER
    be influenced. Whey Protein contains up to almost 100% Protein, so how
    there’s anyway to consider it such a trash? The only problem is that it’s

  6. InterestingFella

    I love ya Scoob, but ain’t nobody got time for all that info. I don’t have
    the patience to watch my diet that strictly lol I’ll just try and lower my
    body fat first and then try and build muscle

  7. He is the best, if I had this info in my 20s, I would have saved alot
    time…. Thanks Scooby!

  8. I’m actually a tad confused at the moment with my weight. Right now my
    macros are around 1.25g protein, 0.4g fat (per lb) with the remainder of my
    cals made up of carbs. At my lowest weight I was 176lb, at 15% bodyfat,
    this was a back in jan. Right now I’m sat at 192lb, at 16% bodyfat.
    (checked via several methods, including calipers) I find it VERY hard to
    believe I’ve only gain 1% bodyfat after gaining 16lb, since that’d be about
    1st of muscle gained in 6 months. -> read reply.

  9. Hi Scooby. Obviously one should consume 1g of protein per 1lb of lean body
    weight per day, but is there any such ratio for carbs? How much carbs
    should one consume per day (Of course I’m talking about the good carbs –
    brown rice, Whole Grains, beans, vegetables etc)? thanks.

  10. 2 Grams of protein per kilo of bodyweight along with changing your muscle
    exercises every 2-3 months can do wonders and help you out of that stall
    you have with body weight. 🙂

  11. Well, it’s usefull for you body to destroy your muscles when you don’t eat
    enough because less muscles -> less metabolism needed -> less energy
    needed. Of course your body is gonna use your fat to make you survive, but
    it will also lower the amount of enery it needs, hence, eating out your
    muscle. Just eat normally but CLEAN and you’ll be fine

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