Fun Dance Exercises For Kids and Kids Fitness Workout on Video kids will have a great time dancing with danceX 4 kids A fun exercise dance video for kids who want to have fun & get a great total body workout. Kids fitness has never been more fun like this kids workout dvd. Can be used for games for children or various children’s activities. Wonderful for preschool kids, preschoolers or elementary school physical fitness.
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This dance along video was made for the Family MUVE DVD, one of the dance workout dvds available at MUVE cardio workout videos can energize the whole family with easy to follow dances, appropriate for any age and literally any body. A MUVE DVD features a set of workouts varying in length, speed and intensity. There is a teaching section, explaining the Basic MUVE Method and how to make your movements just right for you. MUVE low impact dance workout dvds help you get moving for better health and happiness. Aerobics exercises don’t have to be high impact to be effective. Children as young a 3 or 93 have fun dancing along with the colorful crew of everyday dancers. Each dance features another set of dancers keeping it fresh and exciting. The original music from Hawaii and the Pacific adds a special bonus. You will exercise to the music of John Cruz, Sean Na’auao, Sister Robi, Te Vaka, Don Tiki and more. This particular song is by Willie K. and Eric Gilliom and it is a favorite here in the islands, where we like to eat Huli Huli Chicken. If you ever come to Hawaii make sure to have some ­čśë

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  2. Aloha again “ittycar”. Yes, check out the video blog. The videos that are encoded through You Tube can go full screen! Also I do a LIVE Dance Along Show that streams live over the internet every Monday 8am Hawaiian Standard Time. As of January we’ll do 3 shows per´╗┐ week! MO, WED, FR! Check out the videos blog for past shows at Best Wishes, Maggie

  3. Mahalo “ittycar”. Your email means the world to me. Helping people´╗┐ to find enjoyment in their body through music and dancing “loosely” it my passion. Now that you are getting in shape at your own speed, your mental outlook should get very sunny too! Do you actually have a Mellow MUVE DVD at home, or are you watching at you computer? Did you see all the FREE dance-along videos on the blog ?;-) Me Ke Aloha! Maggie

  4. rusty bautista

    Basic, but´╗┐ FUN…Thank you I have now ideas to use in our flag ceremonies exercise. Thank you so much .

  5. I found out this´╗┐ nice movie while seeking my favorite Huli Huli Chicken music video. They look so fun!

  6. I have the DVD! I had no idea you had free dance-along videos too – I will check these out. Being in better shape has helped me so much. I love the inclusion of “older” people in your videos — it seems as though most workouts are geared toward people in their 30s. Nothing beats dancing in my own living room with one of my companion bunnies looking on (I sometimes wonder what they think´╗┐ when they see ME hop around!) Wishing you great blessings!

  7. welll…….i like singing…´╗┐… of shy of danceing in public even my nana.


    what language´╗┐ is the black guy speaking?… would be better in english

  9. prettycake102

    Thnx for puttinf this up here ’cause i just found out that there are problems with my heart and that im overweight ´╗┐

  10. I use this wonderful DVD – have used it for the past four months. I have lost 20 pounds! At´╗┐ first I was so out of shape I couldn’t get through this first song. Now I do a solid half hour. Thanks to all the MUVE-ers, especially Maggie!

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