Full Day of Powerlifting Part 1

Full Day of Powerlifting Part 1

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25 thoughts on “Full Day of Powerlifting Part 1”

  1. Andreas Lehmann

    You should consider moving up a weight class, srs. I know you don’t want to
    get too big or some hippie chit, but the fact that you had to drop weight
    when you were already pretty lean (aka small) shows that you wouldn’t be
    too much bigger at 181, plus maybe then your legs would grow a bit. And
    going on a serious bulk, none on this 50cal surplus crap, would do wonders
    for your strength and physique. Either way, congrats on the meet; you’re
    still a strong mofo.

  2. AdamIZxMiiDNIGHT

    This is why I love youtube sometimes, when I saw you on that podium with
    that shit eating grin I felt like a proud older brother. Glad I have been
    around for the journey.

  3. You’re doing ass to grass high bar squats?! You could of definitely added a
    few pounds to your squat if you didn’t squat so deep 

  4. Does no one understand weight classes…maxx doesn’t want to “bulk” up
    because he wants to shit on his weight class. Not go up and compete against
    stronger dudes. 

  5. DontStopTillYouDie

    Is it against the rules to grunt or hollar durring a lift? I never hear
    grunting at these meets. good vid and congrats. 

  6. This seems like a wrestling tournament. First the way intend every hour or
    so you would wrestle your way to the top there in the morning and leave
    late in the night

  7. I really think if you’d control the squat down a little more, not go quite
    so far below parallel, you’d have it. Looks like you’re trying to ATG squat
    em and there’s no need in this competition to do so. The jarring bounce out
    of the hole there that last one, I think. But seriously strong dude – don’t
    get me wrong. I think you’ve got more in the tank with some technique work.

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