Full Body Workout for Weight Loss

Download from www.women-workout-routines.com This is full body workout with total body exercises and main purpose is to make you lose weight. Prepare set of dumbbells but don’t use light weights, grab some heavy dumbbells, the idea is to be difficult, not just move some light weight and do reps, they must be difficult reps or you do nothing.

8 thoughts on “Full Body Workout for Weight Loss”

  1. Shushanta Saha

    Hello, have you seen this method called the Fat Blast Furnace? (do a google search). My brother says it helps people lose weight faster.

  2. jpncheeseluvrobert

    Hi i was wondering how many days it might take to start seeing a difference in your body /lose weight if you do this workout?

  3. @ didarpabla huahuahuahhua, see that your first language is definitely not English, right?
    What jpncheeseluvrobert meant is how long any average person needs to see a difference in weight loss in their OWN body after doing these workouts.
    The word “you” is used here in a generic way… so, before answering to something that wasn´t asek directly to you, make sure you understood the question ok?

  4. @jpncheeseluvrobert ,,she is already so fit,,,, she upload these videos to help others………..not to lose weight

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