Full Body Workout #2 for Skinny Guys to Build Muscle

Full Body Workouts are not often associated with serious muscle gains but that could not be further from the truth and in today’s Workout Wednesday I’ll shar…
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25 thoughts on “Full Body Workout #2 for Skinny Guys to Build Muscle”

  1. Is this good?
    Bicep curls, shoulder press, standing military press, bench press, squats,
    then i do this jumping up and slowly coming back down thing on bars for my
    Please help like… i’m just clueless i keep getting told different things.

  2. I cant see this workout as a muscle builder. Not enough quality compound
    movements. A full body workout should have compound movements. instead of
    wasting energy on lying leg curls or iso’s, JUST SQUAT (with a barbell). if
    you’re a beginner and can’t squat properly or do any compound movement just
    do research and learn. we all start somewhere. Do not replace them with
    isolations or machines. I see way too many people doing only leg press, leg
    curling and leg extensions and not having the foundation (squats). building
    muscle is all about heavy resistance with compound movements, frequency and
    diet. If you have those 3 you will gain muscle.

    Just my humble opinion.

  3. No way to be able to build muscle with full body workout….You should do
    split workout.

  4. Hey Vince, it appears the split squat is reversed. You say front foot
    elevated yet you have your back foot elevated. Great job on the vids.

  5. Hi Vince, just looked at all #3 workouts, may sound stupid but are these
    week 1, week 2, week 3? They look perfect for me as an injured (partially
    torn Achilles tendon) fell runner already 4 months out of training. I want
    to build more strength before I start running rehab…. ???

  6. Christopher Ball

    Great video Vince. I’m a firm believer in starting off slow to get your
    body use to the movements and prevent injury. I’m finally back at the gym
    after two years out from sciatica. Lost all my gains. Had surgery on my
    lower back this time last year, so going slow and building up that core
    strength is vital. I’m 33 and I’m on a mission to become stronger than ever
    before! Set goals, be consistent and be patient. Gains don’t come easy!
    Lift safe. Peace

  7. Yogesh Mahadnac

    Can you please explain what you mean by the following at your earliest
    – Tempo 2210
    – Tempo 40X0
    – Tempo 2012

    Also, please mention the no. of days to do this workout. E.g. 3 times a
    week, 4 times, etc.

    Thanks in advance & all the best for the future!

  8. hey vince if you are going to upload every phase of your workouts to
    youtube why should i join the inner circle

  9. Sir my name is Tuan , I want to gain weight and muscle I was workout last
    year two month and I didn’t gain any weight I took weight gainer and
    creatine powder , and now I’m back to the gym , I workout 2 week ago , my
    weight is 116 Lb , 5.4 feet tall and I’m 18 years old , can you tell me how
    many day I need to workout a week and how many minute do I need to workout
    to gain weight and muscle , do i need to do same workout every day or
    example today leg chest , tomorrow arm , I saw your full body workout
    video1 ,do I need to do , full workout video 1 for one week and the second
    week do I need to do this full body workout video 2 , !!!! 

  10. please upload more of those videos. This is just much more motivating than
    all those information videos

  11. This might be a silly question, but what is TEMPO and what does it do? Do I
    keep track of that during the workout?

  12. This is bull man, if your skinny man hit those compound movements aka:
    bench press, squat, dead lift, pull-ups, etc. 

  13. How do youp manage a 12-25 rep range? I mean, is it not too wide? Do you do
    25 reps on your first set and what about your second set?

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