Free Step Aerobics Routines Workout Moves Taps Around the World Instructions.flv

Learn the step aerobics move “Taps Around the World” with Fitness Woman and her Independent Reflection. To learn more about a well rounded healthy and fit li…
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2 thoughts on “Free Step Aerobics Routines Workout Moves Taps Around the World Instructions.flv”

  1. @EricaElia Thanks for the comment. We are trying to make the reflection a
    “back up performer”, and not as much of a distraction. Ideally, “she” will
    be doing the more/less advanced steps (Depending on the routine), but we
    are still trying to figure out how that will be most effective. We would
    love it if you would keep us posted on what you think as these developments
    unfold. Thanks again!

  2. @EricaElia The more we looked at the reflection from the perspective of
    your comment, the more we realized there was no way around it. You are
    quite right. “She” is simply too distracting, so we are revamping our
    ideas, and have settled for removing “her” completely. Thank you so much
    for your constructive criticism. It helped tremendously. And while we spent
    more time than we would have liked on coming to that conclusion, we feel it
    will be a good choice. Thanks again!

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