6 thoughts on “Frank Rothwell’s 1924-1928 Olympic Weightlifting History.”

  1. Charles Le Rigoulot l’homme le plus fort du monde! Il faudra attendre l
    ‘arrivée massive de pseudos athlètes chargés à mort à la testostérone pour
    que ses records tombent. Au naturel les records de Charles Le Rigoulot sont
    quasi imbattables!!!

  2. Bravo for your effort and hopes that you’ll continue on. Looking for a
    photo of a Pierini who won a medal in 1932 as that is my surname. I enjoyed
    watching this and the music was pleasant. Good choice.

  3. Charles Rigoulot was the best strong man of the world! Why because after
    1940 they don’t known STEROIDS of course!!! Charles was natural 🙂

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