Four minutes to shred your abs # fitfluential

Four minutes to shred your abs. Four abdominal exercises 30 seconds each for 4 minutes. If this is your first time watching this video be sure to check out t…
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This is by far the most taxing workout I have posted yet… You can do it! Set the timer for 20 minutes and LET’S FLIPPIN’ GO! Keep track of your completed r…
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4 thoughts on “Four minutes to shred your abs # fitfluential”

  1. Michael Morelli Jr

    It sounds as though you liked it 😉 Yeah those Power Jacks are a killer; a
    great total body move! Thank you for trying this workout and I hope you’ll
    try a few more… Keep in touch!

  2. This actually hurts 🙂 By that i mean burn, i didn’t expect the jumps to
    intensify the workout that much. Nice going!

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