Fool-Proof Way To Ripped Abs This is the same superset Marting used to get his abs on the cover of Men’s Fitness Magazine. Follow along for your own a…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Fool-Proof Way To Ripped Abs”

  1. Is it possible to overwork your abs? If i were to work my abs everyday
    would they get fatigued and grow slower than normal?

  2. Robert Marting

    @Slecker95 Keep it up! These are tough but they WORK. In the vid I didnt
    use straps to hang, these make it easier to hold that position. Try those
    and it will help you last a bit longer, then as u get stronger, you can try
    just hanging by your hands..this just adds more of a challenge. Stop the
    swinging by picking up the pace..this quicker pace counter acts the
    momentum of your movement and keeps it more stable. Try it, you will see.

  3. Robert Marting

    @TheAjdebezi Lower Abs- For lower ab focus I would contentrate on
    variations of the haging leg raise in this video-straight leg, circles,
    etc. Others would be the lying reverse crunch with a stability ball between
    your knees or the incline reverse crunch on a bench. Superset those with a
    regular crunch on the ball or on the floor. Train smart and eat smarter,
    your abs will pop in no time!

  4. Robert Marting

    The hip flexors will burn a bit on these at first..maybe forcing you to
    stop..maybe try curling your hips/lower back towards you at the top of the
    movement (knees up position) to get more of a precise peak contraction on
    the targeted lower abs and off of the hip flexors. Also, these are intense,
    usually taxing you quickly, its ok..thats what they are supposed to do.
    Just hit your crunches right after as the superset shows to keep the burn
    on the target: Your Abs.

  5. EdamilBronzebeard

    Quick question, although this may seem a bit retarded. Do your abs get sore
    the next day? I’ve been doing abdominal workouts every other day but no
    matter how much I do (Till my core hurts and more) I don’t feel it
    necessarily sore the next day. Hope you could answer and thanks again for
    the video mate.

  6. Seriously I tried this and the part where your hanging and lifting your
    legs hard as nuts man. I could only do like 7 before my arms, legs, and abs
    started giving out. And how the hell do you not swing I was swing like
    crazy even if I was contracting my arms.

  7. i did start my workout even in gym for 3 months but the result on my abs is
    only show a lil it normal that need to take long time only the
    shape will out?? and how my meal can help in shape it out?? sorry for
    asking many questions, but i hope can get your valuable opinions, billions
    thanks !!

  8. hey man sweet as video dude ! i’ve got a question though, what exactly do
    you eat in your diet mainly? and whats the most important thing to follow
    to get abs? alot of cardio? how much per day/week ?

  9. Do u only do the exercises or do u also take like a supplement for that &
    if u recommend using any?

  10. Robert Marting

    @goattack- Yes it is possible to overtrain abs. BUT, the real issue is how
    hard/often you train them; this dictates if you are overtraining them, like
    any other muscle group. Example if I did the session in this video every
    day, I would be over training them due to the degree of intensity, number
    of sets, rest time, etc. If I just did a set of crunches in an easy circuit
    everyday this wouldnt be hitting the fibers very hard and would allow me to
    hit them every day- for me a waste of time.

  11. I got a question, when doing hanging leg raises or any lower ab exercise my
    legs burn more than my abs and it forces me to stop, is there anyway to get
    rid of this?

  12. Robert Marting

    Anyone can get great results if they follow the right methods. Quick,
    intense combinations of movements designed to fatigue the targeted muscle
    groups. Compound movements and isolation supersets are a great way to do
    this. Throw in hill sprints a few times per week and your body will improve
    way beyond your expectations.

  13. Have you heard about Fat Blast Formula? (do a google search for it) It is a
    quick and easy way for you to melt fat fast.

  14. Ceagan Knarian

    You know I have watched multiple ab workouts and pretty much ALL of them
    say how bad mountain climbers hurt but I hardly feel anything with them. I
    do it the correct way though, I don’t understand why. Any answers.

  15. Alejandra López

    This was awesome !
    I feel it burn, thank you… continuing with the program ;)

  16. Kenza Morocco

    nice exercices, but i feel like you went a bit to fast. Showing the
    exercices before starting the workout, would’ve been helpful, thank you :)

  17. Oh wait I just realised something scottie doesn’t tshhhhhh aaaaaarrrhhhhh
    on this video:D

  18. i can feel my abs, it is a great workout but it is to much switching from
    your arms to your back.. but yes.. i can feel it :p

  19. Have you experienced Stupid Simple Slimming? (Google it) It is a quick way
    to lose weight fast.

  20. I almost died, in a good way, but it was worth it, thanks for the video. I
    still can’t find the calendar…I don’t see an info section:(

  21. Killer workout! Thanks guys! But you need to get your youtube titles
    matching your “30 day ab workout calendar”

  22. Has anyone tried both this one and Weider’s six? I’m in my 10th day of WA6,
    but as I loved the series of butt exercises I wonder if it’s worth trying
    ABS ones too….

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