Foods That Burn Fat & Build Muscle with Rob Riches. Part 4

Watch parts 6 & 7 exclusively on Fitness personality and cover model, Rob Riches, shares with you some of the best foods to eat to help…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 In this Saturday Strategy, Drew will share with you some tips on Pre-workouts so you can get…

32 thoughts on “Foods That Burn Fat & Build Muscle with Rob Riches. Part 4”

  1. what is the name of that pepper he used that increases metabolism? could
    use that on my plain eggs and chicken breasts

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  3. Hesham Montasser

    i Dont anderstand his accent he put something block at Chicken Breast
    icant anderstand his accent he said cane papeer spicy or what!!?

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    loss”. That might help you get the body you deserve.

  5. Yeah and he’s just as hyper on camera. Keeps it lively though so it’s not
    really a bad thing.

  6. Do you seriously think that increasing your metabolism isn’t possible? How
    do you explain bodybuilders, swimmers, skiiers etc have to eat so much?
    They burn through so much food because of their increased metabolism. I’ve
    done this myself by changing how I eat, just over the past 6 months. Lost
    40 lbs.

  7. “Wash my hands everytime I handle the meat” Too bad you clearly put chicken
    all over the tap and that container.

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  9. Gregory Childers

    you’re*.. you fuckin’ retard. Know what the fuck you’re talking about
    before you correct someone.

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  13. Johannes Ottestad

    “Increase your metabolism”.. I’m surprised that Rob is as ignorant as to
    think such a thing is possible :p

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    another minute in the gym, then you should check out this online video
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  15. awesome intro, Drew! Gotta give you props on talking up these lines, since
    my brokerage represents them in the midwest!! I have more of that stuff in
    my cabinets than you can ever dream of. Another line I am sure youd love is
    Greens+. Check them out. If you are big on vitamin C, they have all natural
    Camu caps with an ORAC of over 100,000!! But I wanted to ask, can you go
    into more detail on what you do pre and post work out? What you actually
    take and when? what you actually juice, protein etc?

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