Flat Tummy FTW! 5min Ab Workout

Hot Ripped Hipster Abs! Huh? Excuse me, I’m just going to do some crunches at band practice. While DJ Fakemoney works on his 6-pack, I thought I would work o…
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25 thoughts on “Flat Tummy FTW! 5min Ab Workout”

  1. I really enjoy your videos (have just found your channel recently) and
    although I do find Jenna Marbles “pretty fucking funny” too, I think you
    are way more inspirational because you have such a positive attitude about
    getting in shape and living a healthy life and you share whatever has
    worked for you with the world. Kudos! Keep up the good work!!

  2. You are so outgoing and fun to workout with!! I love your music it was
    amazing(: it’s always fun to listen to good music while you’re working out.
    Bringing good vibes into your workout not only makes you look better but
    also feel a lot better and happier than you did when you started. Thank you
    for the inspiration. (: I really do love your videos(:

  3. I am going to this everyday and can u plzzzz post more flat belly videos
    they are so helpful and ur amazing

  4. I LOVE your channel. I just found your channel and I’ve only watched a few
    videos so far, but I’ve already learned so much. 😀 <3

  5. Hey kym, just wanted to say that your channel is the best fitness channel I
    have ever seen and I have tried blogilates , tone it up , ect… YOU ARE
    AMAZING! Love you

  6. Such an amazing channel!! A friend of mine told me about you and all your
    craziness… We may be soul sistas. <3

  7. MattBritt Allmond

    I run 30 mins everyday and I feel like it makes me look bloated and when I
    didn’t run I feel flatter. I workout my abs everyday and do different an
    crunches and I do twist planks. How many twist planks is enough? I always
    over workout. 

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