Fitness with Friends

Extra motivation

When you know you “should” work out but you just don’t feel like it, knowing that a friend is waiting for you at the gym or the end of the block for your weekly jog can change everything and get you out of bed faster. It can be so easy to skip out on fitness (and turn on the TV or sleep in), but friends can be a huge motivator to keep you going and stay faithful to your fitness routine. If you aren’t currently exercising with a friend, poll your group of pals and see who might be interested in joining you at the gym or going for a jog a few times a week. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your motivation to work out.

Competitive spirit

Even if you don’t play sports or consider yourself competitive, you’d be surprised at how working out with a friend can bring out your competitive side (trust us — we all have one). When you’re ready to give up or skip that last set, just looking over at your friend, sweating away beside you (with no signs of giving up) can keep you focused. To really up the ante, we suggest taking things one step further. If you’re walking or jogging together, try racing at various points along your route. Whoever wins the most races has to buy the post-workout health shake or smoothie.

Fun factor

Let’s face it — sometimes exercising can be boring. But add a friend to the mix and suddenly the hour-long run or session on the treadmill becomes a lot more interesting. Working out alongside one of your best friends is a not only a great way to catch up, it makes your calorie-burning time go by a lot faster. Whether you’re trying out a kickboxing class, running on the track or logging time on the elliptical trainer, doing it next to a friend means you have someone to talk and laugh with while you sweat. You can also giggle about the cute guy on the weight machines across the gym or the super-cute instructor for your kickboxing class.

Fun ideas for friend-based workouts

We put together some fun ideas for working out with a friend.

  • Try a class together that you might be too intimidated to try on your own.
  • Embrace the great outdoors and go on weekly hikes at nearby conservation areas.
  • Get on your bikes and zip around the neighborhood.
  • Gather a few extra friends and start a weekly walking or running club.
  • Invest in a personal trainer and get the benefits of a professional together.