Fitness – Swiss Ball Ab Workout Twitter: Facebook: Using a swiss ball is a better alternative to floor routines because the ball keeps a lot of stress off of certain points on your upper and lower back and your neck. It also allows you to complete a full range of motion that will make the workout super effective.
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16 thoughts on “Fitness – Swiss Ball Ab Workout”

  1. Eduardo clark

    I think you would be ok, being 5’4 your pretty close to being a migit huh? If you got the ball for “normal” size people i still think you should be ok, your not one of those dorfs ur just short..

  2. New subscriber here… i already love your vids. I own a swiss ball, ive used it in the past but i wonder if its okay as i am 5ft 4″ and got the one for taller people as its all they had at the store. Will this make a difference to how affective the ball workouts are?

  3. okay, one question aj, is the swiss ball really from Switzerland? Okay, two questions…..Did you have it flown in from Switzerland? Wow! You become partner and now you have access to Balls from overseas!!! Amazing!!! ( of course I’m kiddin ) The music was dope, who is that?

  4. hey aj, i know ur very humble and dont take of ur shirt even though ur frikin built, but can you show the results of of the workouts you do, i need to, more like want to know how lean and muscle gain you get from that work out, no documentory, even a snapshot would be fine, the thing is im going into policing so i was thinking about using your fitness routine 🙂

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  6. These are the kind of exercises I need to do. I own a Swiss ball too. But it’s collecting dust. #FAIL

  7. try doing your ab exercises more slow and controlled abdominal muscle are mostly slow twitch muscle fibers

  8. im not the one who came up with this theory im just repeating it this comes from many world famous fitness experts look it up !!!

  9. Arnaud Vandevenne

    Hey you, Seriously. Start training now, and get ur lazy ass off the computer.

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