Fitness Model Abs Workout : Get Ripped Fast Want to get Ripped 6 Pack Abs like a front Cover fitness Model? Then this abs workout is for you. Top fitness model Justin Woltering shares his 3 most powerful ab…
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    Hi Everyone!

    Have you ever wondered how the guys on the front cover of all the top
    fitness magazines train their abs?

    Well in our latest video top fitness model Justin Woltering share his 3
    most powerful ab workout of all time.

    Each workout will target one of your abdominal areas, upper, lower and side.

    So if you are ready to get Front Cover Abs then start doing these 3 6 pack
    abs workout today!

    Chat soon

    Peter Carvell

  2. Yo this guy is off his fucking rocker. I quit before I even started,
    because I can’t even do one rep of any of those lol.

  3. Peter I’ve been with your channel for a while and it’s helped me a lot so
    thank you for that.i have a workout video request for some home killer
    forearm workouts.i dont want it to be the cheesey ones that you don’t feel
    the burn,so that’s why I’m asking you because all of your workout videos
    are always if you could make one of those videos I would
    greatley appreciate it. By the way by any chance do you know who ronnie
    Coleman is im just curious?

  4. buckaroobonsi555

    I mean this in a very respectful way but “Who cares!” should be the
    response of everyone! I can do the same workout as former 7 time Mr.
    Olympia Champion Lee Haney but with out the exact same cocktail of drugs,
    diet and similar genetics I can not hope to get the same result. So in my
    mind figuring out how best to train for my body, my genetic propensity and
    the lack of steroids, growth hormone and other ancillaries.

    Same could be said for other athletes replicating the training of a
    professional or Olympic Gold Medalist is seldom helpful for the average man
    or woman. Many Olympic greats report training 8-14 hours a day and few
    normal people can survive that sort of training with out the help of drugs.

    This is why not everyone can be a pro athlete, under ware model, Olympic
    Gold Medalist. It is not just about the training but so many other factors!

    I like your site normally because it ignores the professionals and genetic
    freaks and focuses on the rest of us! 

  5. Amaris Chittock

    To build up 6 pack abs, you don’t need any hard diet plan or doing the
    tough exercises, you’ll be able to do it less difficult than you think. The
    key is consuming the right foods & taking the right exercises

  6. how often does he train upper, side, and lower abdominal muscles, each one
    time a week (3days), or each two time a week (6days)?

  7. Hi Peter, Im 14 yrs old and i was wondering if you could make a video on
    how we can build muscle at home and im sure many people will agree with me

  8. A lot of people my age (14) were asking how to build muscle thats why i
    asked because your an expert at this

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