Fitness Blender 8 Minute Abs Workout – No Equipment, No Excuses Abs and Obliques

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49 thoughts on “Fitness Blender 8 Minute Abs Workout – No Equipment, No Excuses Abs and Obliques”

  1. Thanks for the great video!
    1. Is there any rule for with what movement to exhale and inhale in the
    workout ? or you just keep inhaling and exhaling consistently through
    irrespective of the movement?
    2. Do these put pressure on lower back? I felt not pain but
    pressure/stretch on lower back with just 1 minute workout. Is it normal?

  2. Анастасия Голубева

    Вот это тренинг! Все упражнения для меня новые=))) Оч понравилось. Пресс

  3. Thank you Daniel and Kelli! This + when I say Jump + Brazilian butt lift 2
    = awesome workout this morning. I swear I’ve worked out for nearly ten
    years, and still, after a few months of doing your vids my body has never
    looked and felt better. You’re amazing! I wish you the best, always.

  4. Just started this on the 23rd ..going to the doing this twice a day for
    30days. Great workout!

  5. when he said, we are going back to the sprinter, thats 4 minutes in, come
    on push>> lol , my legs fell to ground, i guarantee if you keep up with
    this in about a month you will be able to hang for the entire video, give
    it a try… im able to hang for the entire video and i will be showing it
    soon on my own channel, check it out.. keep pushing you can do it, and the
    results are awesome, 

  6. i can do the first 4 minutes with no problem but i get too tired, so i just
    take a one minute break for the last 4 minutes and it working out for me.
    next week i’ll do the whole 8 minutes. i’ll do these excercises 5 days a

  7. SicParvisMagna123

    6:26 i really couldn’t do that, my legs can’t get up that high anyway, but
    my abs were restricting them even more at that time…. :(

  8. Man you are great like for real im only 12 and i never seen anything like
    this im about to start track next year any legs and arm workouts and
    healthy food 

  9. That was just like, what the F*** i thought it would be nothing :p {great
    work} thanks a lot :)

  10. holy sh*t! wow… this is intense… one day i hope to be able to do it
    just like u coach! thank u!!! awesome workout yet again!!!

  11. I just did the whole 8 minutes and it was INSANE!!! Can’t wait to do it
    again day after tomorrow.

  12. I have done this workout many times and I find that I fell it most in my
    quads in my legs as opposed to my lower abs. Do the lower abs power the
    quads or am I doing this wrong?

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