Fitness: Beginner Step Aerobics – Vol. 2

Taught at a moderate pace, this beginner step aerobic workout class will challenge you as you develop a solid foundation in step aerobic fundamentals. This i…
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Learn how to do basic moves and combination routines of step aerobics in this free instructional video lesson on basic step aerobic exercise and routines. Ex…

20 thoughts on “Fitness: Beginner Step Aerobics – Vol. 2”

  1. what is the measurement of your stepper? I like the size and wasn’t sure
    what size. And how high is it 10inches? thank you for the great vid.

  2. Great Beginner Class. So many people come into a step class and quit after
    the first time because the get discouraged

  3. how about good posture? slumping during several of your movements looks
    sloppy even though your energy is great, this quick fix would make your
    delivery even better

  4. @trizhaay I’ve noticed the same thing through years of classes. Newbies
    don’t know that they can just change the steps to suite their abilities.
    That or step looked a lot easier to them than it really is… I know I was
    originally deceived by it.

  5. I like the combo. The text at the bottom, although a great idea, covers
    your feet. We like to watch feet when learning step! 😉

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