Fitness Advice To Help Build Muscle and Burn Fat Fast AS HELL (Big Brandon Carter)

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25 thoughts on “Fitness Advice To Help Build Muscle and Burn Fat Fast AS HELL (Big Brandon Carter)”

  1. Rasabihari Das

    It annoys me how his abs slant. More than his ghetto swagger. But i come
    back cus he knows his shit.

  2. some people say im on steroids too and im not even like Brandon nor do i
    write down nothing haha im one of those who keeps it in his mind. But one
    thing i do is eat high protein meals every day i can (i eat the same stuff
    for years too haha) or with whatever i can find and i count water with
    number of the same glass i take in a day. i also train very focused,
    serious and challenge my body. the day i finish my studies im gonna write
    it down lol

  3. You dont need fuckin steroids to get muscles like him, you can even grt
    bigger without steroids dubasses!

  4. I’m sure this guy knows what he’s talking about and is quite knowledgable
    about his subject but the only problem is that I can’t understand what he’s
    saying. What a shame.

  5. So let me see if I got this straight. Are you saying that I need to write
    down everything I eat? Is that what you’re saying?

  6. He is pretty much right. Since I started logging what I eat, I pretty much
    changed my body in less than a year. Turned that bitch around 180 degrees,
    people thought I was on steroids too.

  7. When I take a dump, I measure them turds. If you aint got time for that,
    you aint serious about this shit son..

  8. im not even big and ppl think im on roids im just cut. but my question is
    dudes why the f*ck do people think im on roids for being cut?mofo’s waste
    the roids on staying lean? someone please let me know.

  9. Jochen Wastyn

    thanks for the advice man! your definetly not on steroids just in good

  10. TheOfficialDChaos

    ok I’m not trying to hate by saying this, but the only was to get that big
    and that cut is steroids. I’m sure a lot of you aren’t surprised to hear
    that. Not to take anything away from dude, he’s got an amazing body no
    homo. Steroids really are the way to go if you want to get even close to
    the shape that this guy is in. And even with steroids that ain’t easy

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