Fit Kids Workout Exercise Video 1

Fitness routine for kids, workout exercises, do one each day! Fight childhood obesity. (By Donna Hughes at Randolph Gymnastics.) Ideas for dance teachers, Ka…
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Have your 6 to 9 year old try out the first Liveexercise “Playtime Rookies” show, presented by We will be posting a new workout every week….
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4 thoughts on “Fit Kids Workout Exercise Video 1”

  1. Aaron you are doing a great job! My kids Isaac and Owen really enjoyed it . Thanks for making something kids can do!

  2. I know this is for kids but dude if your trying to be cool?Your trying waaaay too hard.

  3. Ryan Henkelman

    Wow, what a GREAT SHOW!!!!! The boys loved it and Erin did a great job showing the rookies the proper way of doing the different exercises!!! Thanks guys!!! GREAT IDEA!!!

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