First Trimester Fitness

A simple fitness plan for women in their first trimester. As always, check with your healthcare provider before starting this or any other exercise program, and STOP if anything is painful! FACEBOOK: BLOG: Move like a lady! SUBSCRIBE HERE
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8 thoughts on “First Trimester Fitness”

  1. femfusionfitness

    I’m sorry, glitzygirl — unfortunately our “recording equipment” is an iPhone! Not the best sound quality, I know! Just turn the volume way up on your computer. 😉

  2. 997loverbrnin89

    t/y miss lady i wish it was through all timesters i am overweight and preggers hopeing to be healthy and preggers

  3. femfusionfitness

    Hey there! First, nothing can make labor “easy” (!!!) but taking the time to exercise during pregnancy can make labor easier. 🙂 I didn’t mean to mis-speak!
    And YES, regardless of what type of delivery you end up completing (vaginal delivery or c-section) it is ideal to safely and gently exercise during pregnancy. Talk to your doctor if you have any additional questions…
    Also, check out my “post c-section fitness” video (on my channel) if you end up with a c-section.
    I hope that helps!!!

  4. TheBluebell007

    As u told in ur video that excercise makes labour easy but I want to ask is it gud for c-section mothers?I thnk this time too I have to go through c-section.pls reply.

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